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XC from Beechmont to Beaudesert

Welcome to the Canungra Hang Gliding and paragliding Club (CHGC) website. This site is dedicated to providing information on the air sports aviation 'free-flying' club and it's flying sites within the Canungra Valley region, Queensland, Australia.

The CHGC is an association of both paraglider and hangglider pilots, dedicated to the advancement of free flight, the purist form of flight, in the Scenic Rim. The region hosts some of the best flying sites in the world, and is just 1 hour from Brisbane, Australia.

The usual weather conditions in the Canungra area allow us to fly from Mount Tamborine and Beechmont pretty much all year round, and international competitions are organised by the club every spring.

The CHGC sites are suitable for pilots of all experience levels; from beginners for soaring the ridge lift a few hundred feet above the hill to advanced pilots who will climb to 10,000 feet in thermals and fly cross country as far as Toowoomba, over the mountain range to Dalby, Warwick, Killarney or along the mountains to Kyogle on 8hour flights or more.  The longest distance flight to date from the club launch sites is the Australian hang-gliding distance record flying 517km from Beechmont to Roma, flying for nearly 10 hours.

If you want to experience the joy of flight and literally soar with the local Wedge Tailed Eagles, join us in Canungra by signing up as a full or visiting member. If you are not a pilot yet, our local instructors are happy to offer both introductory tandem flights, as well as full license courses. 

Visiting Pilots Welcome - To fly club sites you are required to first join the club for the day/fortnight/year Membership The same as anywhere else, you have to pay if you want to play. For compliance of HGFA requirements, legal liability, insurance, and your share of the costs of providing private land, maintenance and operational infrastructure to allow you the opportunity to fly.

Information is made available to members to help you fly club sites safely to maximize fun. It is essential before flying you have safety site briefings on local knowledge of micro weather influences and updates to navigate local issues to mitigate risk on where is ok and safe to launch fly and land with conditions of use. Collective goal is to preserve the flying sites and privileges for all pilots. 

It's a small world. Network of people know each other. And know of others who know some one, some where who knows you. Anyone who flies club sites without current membership for the day before you fly, to save the small cost of your sport, is liable to lose everything: all legal action and damages claims by anyone & inviting HGFA flying ban and a big fat CASA fine. "A man that flies from his fear may find that he has only taken a short cut to meet it."  Club members notice someone new / visiting.  We welcome you to join us, even for one day and invite you to make new friends.    Is your CHGC Membership current?  Join the club / renew here.

What's going on?   News and Live Competition Results

Whether or not to fly?  Where to?  Check the   Weather

Community Services. Local attractions, Visitors - Some where to stay

Tourism information by Scenic Rim Regional Council  Visit Scenic Rim - Tourism info

Visitors looking for somewhere to stay? Look at information listed courtesy of the Scenic Rim Regional Council  Camping directory

Big day out. Day tripper needing just a hot shower only; 1 dollar coin per 5minutes.  Check out:  Canungra Show Grounds Camping and other camp sites nearby

Bush camping on grass by the creek:  Sharp Park Camping and other camp sites nearby

Do it in style. Get a room , at the Pub:   Canungra Hotel

There are many other accommodation establishments in Canungra, Mount Tamborine, Beechmont and surrounding areas, offering tourists a range of accommodation options from camping, motels, caravan parks, hotels to self contained units and houses. Feel free to research yourself with your preferred internet search engine for things to do and places to stay.

For visitors information; The only Bank branch in the community, is the   Canungra & District Community Bank® Branch of Bendigo Bank


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Launch windstations

Tamborine Windstation

Beechmont Windstation

The wind direction on Beechmont Launch at 12:59 is from the SW, with a strength of 5.83 knots.

Track pilots in real-time

If you have a buddy that has a Spot Messenger GPS, you can track their flight in real-time right here on the CHGC website. To view flights from over the past 3 days, click here, click here.

Full, visiting & renewals

Whether your visiting to just fly for the day, or would like to join to enjoy flying CHGC sites all year round, or if it's time to renew your membership, visit the Membership page to take you through the painless process of getting you signed up.

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Interactive Residential Map for Visiting Membership by Drew Salem
posted on Thursday, 26 November 2015 5:40:17 PM(UTC)

"There is now an interactive map on the membership page that visiting pilots can use to determine if they live outside the 60km Canungra Radius...."

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CHGC Rasp Forecast

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To view the latest forecast, click here.

Members Blog

Rainy or blown out day? Post something (anything you wish) to the members blog here


Landing/No Landing Areas

Online Maps

Our relationship with the Canungra Valley community is paramount to our flying. It's for this reason that we have clear guidelines and maps on where our members can and cannot land. To see an online interactive map of these areas, click here.

Local Landowners

Are you a local landowner? If so, you can read about our policies to ensure minimal disruption to the community here.

Club Activity

Jerry Furnell created the event Dalby Towing PG

2 months ago

Leo Schneider-FenskyStill to learn a lot.
Always happy to get constructive advise from my fellow pilots.
Many happy landings!

3 months ago

    Christian WeberHi folks,
    my name is Chris and I am from Bavaria.

    I study for one semester at Griffiths. At the moment I live in Labrador.

    Maybe someone can pick me up if he/she is going to fly :). Just give a me call 61481374255


    Jeanine GlassonThe world never stops to amaze me. Looking at Tambo launch. Thanks Vit for this great shot.