Walt Nielson
Mobile: 0439 072 013

Senior Safety Officer HG

Ken Hill - Hanggliding
Mobile: 0418 188 655

Grants Officer

Jan Tupy

Vice - President

Dave Gibbs

Senior Safety Officer PG

Phil Hystek - Paragliding
M: 0418 155 317 H. 07 5543 4000

Windstation Tech

Dave Gibbs

Wind Stations Technical Support


David Judge
Mobile: 0418 191 424

Senior Safety Officer PG

Brandon O'Donnell - Paragliding
Mobile: 0416 089 889

Website Administrator

Damian contact CHGC Webmaster

Website infratructure originally created by Drew Salem


Bluey Hughson

Military Liaison Officer

Rob Wilton
Mobile: 0418732325


Canungra Hang Gliding Club
P.O. Box 41
Canungra QLD 4275

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