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CASA briefing : Commonwealth Games airspace restrictions

Airspace restrictions will be in place during the upcoming Commonwealth Games being held on the Gold Coast. From 2 – 18 April 2018 all aircraft and airspace users planning to fly within 90 nautical miles of the Gold Coast airport must comply with the regulations and the procedures detailed in an Aeronautical Information Service Supplement and relevant NOTAMs. Temporary restricted areas and air defence identification zones will be created. Any aircraft unable to comply with the requirements will not be allowed to operate within the temporary restricted areas. Any aircraft that does not comply with the air defence identification zone requirements may be subject to intercept by military aircraft and the crew subject to criminal prosecution. There will be increased Australian Defence Force and Queensland Police Airwing activity in the region. Aircraft transiting the Gold Coast area during the Games should plan to avoid the area from Broadbeach, Porpoise Point Southport, Nerang, Mudgeeraba to Robina due to increased traffic.

The operation of drones is also restricted during the Commonwealth Games, from 25 March to 18 April 2018. An Aeronautical Information Circular sets out temporary restricted areas for drones at the main stadium and all other venues, including those outside the Gold Coast at locations such as Cairns and Townsville. No sport or recreational drones will be given permission to operate within any of the areas around Games venues. Sport and recreational drone flyers must not bring drones to any Games venue. Commercial drone operations will only be allowed if prior approval has been given and no approvals will be given for areas where there will be low level helicopter operations. There will be an increased police presence at all venues to monitor compliance with the restrictions and penalties can be issued.

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