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Password Reset or Username Self Help above sends an email to the email address you currently maintain on your CHGC Members profile. If you have changed email address, did not update your profile, can no longer access your old address or your email provider is deleting emails sent to you, due to their own blacklisting determination because your free email service is simply crap, or any other reason that after reasonable patience you have attempted the self help, and can not access email sent with self help above. Be mindful the problem rests with you, your choice of email, or failing to update your profile with your change in contact email. You can as a last resort contact CHGC webmaster via Menu - Resources/Contact-Administration with polite email request for manual password reset or changes to your account or other membership issues. You catch more bees with honey that you do with sh*t.  Your calm positive attitude and good manners will determine the outcome of other spending their own personal time to help you. An emergency on your part is not an emergency on my part. Allow a reasonable time of a day or two to reply to assist you. For genuine person, happy to help.