How do I fly better?

Fly more. Read flying books. Seek instructors tuition to learn smarter. Doctors cost more than Hang Gliding Instructors and Paragliding Instructors.

I tried joining the club for the day, but I can't get the website working for me.

Computer says: It's not me, it's you. Others can log in no problem. Please organise yourself so that your computer / smart phone / electronic device is operated appropriately and everything works. While the device is ON, ensure internet connection is fully functional, browser settings with accept cookies on websites you visit, so password / data you enter is not erased when you enter / submit. Computers and Browsers that work include Apple Safari OSX computer and IOS smart phone / Tablet, Windows Explorer, Linux Firefox, Firefox running on any apple computer, Google Crome, and Unix based workstations and others. It is your responsibility to operate your device, search on line how to log in to a website. Not everyone is suited to some activities

Paypal is not working

Paypal is unreliable, and without notice changes requirements and when requirements don't match simply stops working. Please tell us so we discover what is it now.  Paypal is not a bank. For reliable try a Bank. We hope fix it. We apologise for any inconvenience.

I forgot my password or Username

There is a self help password reset. Go to Login. Select reset. An email is sent to the email address you provided and maintained current on your profile.

I can not find password reset email in my inbox.

Check your junk email folder. You should configure your email, to accept email from sender domain. So next time, emails appear in your inbox folder of your email service.

I didn't get password reset to my current email address

It is your responsibility to maintain an up to date information on your profile. Contact administration webmaster, with your updated current preferred email, and request manual password reset.

I can no longer access old email, where password reset email would be sent

Contact administration webmaster, with your updated email, and request manual password reset.

"I followed password reset, but your website don't work." Where is my email?

Your cheap arse email service provider is crap. They have not put your emails into junk folder; gone to the next level: your service has flagged the domain that sends lots of emails, as possible spam, and has blacklisted the domain to you, meaning the email you want has been deleted before you ever see it. Contact administration webmaster, with your updated email, and request manual password reset. 

Names - what the difference: Full Name, User Name, Display Name

Full Name = First/Middle/Last Name = Your legal name, typically birth name

User Name = login name you selected

Display Name = Your preferred name or nickname that is displayed on your profile to other Users. Edit your profile to change your Display Name.

I have flying gear for sale but my membership has expired, so can no longer access website forum.

Contact administration webmaster, whom offers fellow pilots to post ad on your behalf. Include information and photo/s of equipment that you wish to advertise on club forum, and include your best contact email / phone (best method / time to make contact with you) for potential buyers to contact you directly. In return, you are simply requested to update webmaster when equipment is no longer available. CHGC is not a party to anything between buyer and seller and website reserves the rights to check with you after reasonable time, such as annual review of information, where unable to confirm by contact, website information may be amended.