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CHGC Membership Terms and Conditions

As a member of the Canungra Hanggliding and Paragliding Club, I agree to indemnify all landowners from any claim for damages/loss I incur whilst participating in the sport of Hang Gliding or Paragliding on their land.

I will famliarise myself with each launch site specific rules, as well as read and accept the following CHGC Pilot Code of Conduct and agree to conform to thjs Code of Conduct while participating in the sport of Hang Gliding or Paragliding as a CHGC member.

Code of Conduct
As a member of the Canungra Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club and the HGFA, pilots are expected to abide by the following protocols

Pilots using club launch sites should be aware of, and use designated landing fields/bombouts as negotiated by the club, with local landowners and councils. Many of these areas have specific conditions of use. These conditions are posted on this website.
Pilots should ensure that they and fellow visiting pilots are aware of airspace limitations within the scope of their intended flight. The Club does not condone any episode of airspace breach and will not protect any pilot from investigation by the HGFA or CASA.
Pilots must at all times show courtesy and respect all dealings with the public and other pilots. 
Animosity between pilots will not be tolerated.
Pilots must keep their language in check at all times. Voices do travel, even in flight.

When engaged in cross country flights, pilots should;
Seek to avoid landing in fields with livestock.
Take note of cropping activity and avoid landing in cropped areas.When landing stay well away from houses and other structures.
Following landing, pilots should promptly move the glider to the side of the field for packing up.
Retrieve vehicles should remain on public roads. Entry onto private land is discouraged, and should only occur with the approval of landowner or manager.
If the landowner is nearby, thank them for use of land for a safe landing. Otherwise, pilots should generally avoid going near farmhouses or unnecessarily disturbing landowner privacy.
When exiting do not cross cropped areas, go around them.
Use gates when available, and always leave them the way you found them.When negotiating fences, go under them where practical or go over the straining post.
Pilots should take all rubbish with them when exiting a property.
Pilots should refrain absolutely from smoking while on rural or private property.

If any damage occurs to private property due to Pilots or Crews actions, a detailed written report should be given to a Club Official describing the event and any dealing with other parties involved.
In the event of an incident or accident, pilots should consider the consequences of racing off to help another pilot if ill-equipped. Take your phone and radio with you to ensure continuing communication and also your GPS to pinpoint the accident site position. If the media arrives, official club and HGFA policy is a firm "No Comment". Direct anyone with inquiries to the President of the Club.
If landowners or pilots wish to discuss any issues regarding pilot conduct, feel free to contact the Club President via the Contact page.

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