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Canungra Classic 2017


7th to 14th October 2017

FAI Category 2, HGFA AAA Sanctioned Hang Gliding competition 


Parachute Repacking and Safety Training

Parachute repacking clinic. First Aid and pilot rescue training Safety/Training

Aerotow Hang Gliding

Aerotow Hang Gliding    Dalby Aerodrome 30th September 1st and 2nd October 2017

Canungra Cup 2017

Canungra Cup   21st to 28th October 2017   

Registration (opens 22nd May 2017)

Queensland Paragliding Championships

The Queensland Paragliding Championships Round 8  2nd and 3rd September 2017

PG JT xc

Annual General Meeting

The Canungra Hang Gliding Club Annual General Meeting is next Saturday 9th September at 8am at the Wagonwheel Rd Clubhouse. This will be followed by a General Meeting where any motions may be brought forward by Club Members for discussion. Breakfast will be provided from 7:15am and we could use some volunteers to help with the preparation and cookingof breakfast. Please pencil this into your diaries as the Committee and Club could really use your support. Amongst the usual things we will be voting for all Committee positions and all positions are up for grabs. We also need a Grants Officer and will be looking for volunteers.

Canungra XC Orientation.

Pilot training seminar News/Pilot-Training

Hang Gliding World Championships

Australian Hang Gliding Team

Aussie team is 
Jonny, Blenky, Glen, Josh, Guy, Harrison .

We also have flying Rohan, Rory, Jason and Tony as individuals and to help the main team out.

Fingers crossed it's going to be a long comp. Regards Jonny.

Jason, Josh, Harry, Glen, Jonny, Rohan, Rory, Steve, Guy, Tony

World Hang Gliding Championships - Class1 FlexWing

Jamie Sheldon Hang Gliding Blog


Live Tracking


World Hang Gliding Championships - Class2 Foot Launchable ultralight Sailplane Glider

VHF Radio Course

Radio VHF

Pilots looking to spread your wings and further your flying freedom with pilot ratings PG4 or HG intermediate, 

What you need is a HGFA VHF Airband Radio Operators Endorsement. 


 Next HGFA - Aviation Radio course: 4th August 2017

Pilot Training endorsements


What's ON - Weekend 10th 11th June 2017

Looks like another weekend of South winds this weekend.   If the forecast rain stays away, then Hinchies South may well be the place to be for flying.  

Just a note on the use of Hinchies and Hinchies South. 

There is another MTB DH event this weekend.    

If pilots choose to go up Hinchies tomorrow then you will need to work in with the MTB shuttle bus.  Wait at the first gate on Toe Hold Rd for the shuttle and drive up in convoy with the shuttle.   The same applies to any vehicle coming down the hill.   If the MTB organiser has the barricades on launch, maybe you can ask politely if they can move them slightly to the North so as to avoid any conflict.  

If pilots want to use the South launch (thanks Jason for clearing)

To Fly Hinchies South Launch, You MUST contact Senior Safety Officer SSO -  Phil Hystek

  know before you take any gliders onto the site.  You can walk over there to check if it’s on, but you must let SSO Phil know as liaison with the land owners. This is imperative as the owners will ban us from the site if this is not done.  The owners are very friendly, but need to know if anyone is going to fly from their site.  

No land owners permission, no fly zone.



Enjoy your weekend and safe flying.  

Club General Meeting

Our next CHGC General Meeting is on Saturday 3rd June in the Club House. It would be wonderful to see you all there.
Thank you to those who said that they would come and help with breakfast preparation and clean up. We could use a few more volunteers. If you could be there around 7:30am, that would be awesome.

Serving Breakfast 8am  Breakfast will include: Bacon and Egg Wraps (or just egg for the vegetarians), Cereal and Milk. So come along and grab a bite to eat before the meeting. 

General Meeting 8:30am, Saturday 3rd June 2017

Flying Decisions. Golden Gate of Good Advice to FLY SAFE.

Photograph - Walt Nielson

CHGC President recommends Flight Safety information

Beechmont Launch only Area

New updated information. Please refer to /Flying/Beechmont/ and select "Flying" tab section; regarding Beechmont Launch only area. 

Club Meetings


General Meeting

When: Saturday 11th March 2017

Time: 6pm

Venue: CHGC Clubhouse, Wagonwheel Rd., Boyland

The main topic of this meeting will be the top landing at Beechmont

Club T-Shirts and Polo Shirts will be available for sale before the meeting ($30 for t-shirts, $35 for polos)

The Club will be providing a BBQ dinner after the meeting so bring along some drinks and hang around for a good get-together after the meeting.

General Meeting

When: Saturday 3rd June 2017

Time: 8:30am

Venue: CHGC Clubhouse, Wagonwheel Rd., Boyland

Breakfast will be provided after the meeting


Annual General Meeting

When: Saturday 9th September 2017

Venue: CHGC Clubhouse, Wagonwheel Rd., Boyland

Breakfast will be provided after the meeting


We look forward to seeing each and every one of you at these meetings.


Happy and safe flying.

FAI - Airspace: Barometric altitude

FAI Hang Gliding & Paragliding Commission (CIVL) Minutes of the Plenary Meeting, Salzburg, Austria 4 and 5 February, 2017 

Altitude measurements concerning airspace.

Section 7A 4.1 

New rule:
"Only flight recording devices that record both GPS and the International Standard Atmosphere pressure altitude (QNE) in the track log are allowed for scoring. It must not be possible to modify the barometric altitude once track log recording has started. Flights will be verified using either GPS track log or live- tracking data. When live-tracking data is used as a primary source of scoring, pilots must be able to produce GPS track logs as a back-up. The FAI has the right to use all data collected in 1st Category events, including track logs, and may publish such data."

Section 7A - 4.4.5 

New rule:
"... Airspace violation checks rely primarily on the barometric altitude as recorded on the flight instrument tracklog (the International Standard Atmosphere pressure altitude QNE) and then when necessary corrected by the scoring software for the pressure conditions of the task (QNH). Pilots may submit a GPS altitude log as a backup log only in case of problems with the primary barometric log."

"Penalties for Airspace restrictions infringements."

Section 7A - 6.3

New rule:

"As an aid to competitors and when reasonably possible with the scoring system, pilots that fly closer than 100m vertically or horizontally to prohibited airspace will be listed in the scores for each task without penalty."


The Steward for the Brasilia worlds will formulate specifics of a 100 metre ‘buffer zone’ with graduated penalty provisions, to be approved by HG committee and Bureau and then included in the local regulations. The plenary accepted that the local regulations supersede Section 7A on this matter.

Compete document reference:

CHGC T-shirts & Polo Shirts

Wear your true blue CHGC Shirt this Australia day.

Navy blue Polo shirt with embroidered CHGC logo $35. 

Cotton T-shirt in blue with CHGC logo (small print front, large print with wording on back) $30. 

Male and female sizes. Pick up or Payment to CHGC Bank with extra postage cost as arranged.

Shirts available by contacting Ken :  SE Qld HG contact

Live streaming video - WGC2017

Live streaming video and live tracking coverage for the last day World Gliding Championships 2017: Cockpit cameras and live tracking. [The shape of things to come for Hang Gliding and Paragliding Competitions.]  Weather lady reports: Awful stable blue day will be interesting.

Also check out video recording at World Gliding Championships of crowded gaggle flying Inspired by the Hitchcock film - The Birds.

Flying Sites - updates & Ch-ch-changes

CHGC Flying Sites information, Map with waypoints, and Airspace information are constantly evolving. And ongoing contributions by every pilot continue to be warmly welcome for collective benefit to all. Please check for updates before you fly, so you have the latest current information as recent changes may have occurred that affect you. With safety in mind, flying sites Information is provided to assist your flight preparation knowledge to be as best you can be. With a sense of humor, some say, "As flash as a rat with a gold tooth."

FlySkyHy iPhone App - Airspace Map updates


Information on airspaces map for iPhone app flyskyhy. Go to Airspace and select flyskyhy tab

HGFA Ops Manual - update

Hang Gliding Federation of Australia   go to: Forms and Docs for current HGFA Operations Manual Complete PDF

N.B. Cross Country operational requirements.


HGFA airflow topography - video

CHGC Christmas Party

 Sat 3rd December 2016 at Canungra RSL starts 5:30pm Drinks and 6:30pm Dinner

Christmas PartyHope to see you and friends as this will be a fantastic evening.

When: Saturday 3rd December

Where: Canungra RSL Club, 25-29 Pine Street, Canungra

Time: 5:30pm for pre-drinks and dinner at 6:30pm

Dress: Smart Casual

Cost: Cash only $20 per member, $35 per non-member, $10 kids under12

Food: two course meal (RSVP numbers of special dietary needs: vegetarian and vegan)

Drinks: at bar prices, complementary tea and coffee, live music and prize giving - priceless

RSVP: by email along with your nominations for Contribution Awards to CHGC Secretary 

RSVP Deadline: no later than 25th November 2016

Upon your arrival on the night, you need to go see the CHGC Treasurer whom will be collecting the money in Cash only. Correct amounts would be appreciated. And checking your name on the VIP list for your entry into the draw for the lucky door mystery prizes.

Exciting new CHGC t-shirts and polo shirts will be available to purchase at the Christmas Party. They are $30 for t-shirts and $35 for polo shirts. See the CHGC secretary to get your size and purchase your shirt/s. The shirts come in both mens and womens sizes. Please bring along the correct cash if you wish to purchase a shirt.

Can you help?

Thank you

Nominate someone or people who you believe have contributed significantly in the last 12 months. Contributions could include many things such as maintenance, always being there to help, helping someone out in a difficult situation, fundraising, helping with gear. Help build the clubhouse, donated time and resources, etc. Remember, this person does not need to be a Club member, they just need to have made a significant contribution to the Club. Email your nominations for recognition with the reason, to CHGC Secretary. 

So we can all say

Thank you          Everyone is invited to donate a Thank you gift. 

You don't have to spend any money if you don't want to. If you would like to help; Scour the house or business for some gifts to donate for the Contribution Awards. To keep it light and fun, a suggested guide is perhaps a value of $20 or less. Entirely up to your discretion. It can be anything as long as it is reasonable and un-used and legal. Imagine a gift to be enjoyed by whom ever receives and possibly share with a partner or friend such as you. Please don't wrap your gift as we want the recipients to be able to choose what they would like. Pass your gift to a committee member or bring on the night. Contact CHGC secretary for further information.

Given the tidal wave of generosity, to enlighten those with a sense of humour; If every one, including if there exists any budget obsessed miser tight arses,  brought a gift as something to trade with another economically ebenezer fiscal fiend, and shopping acquaintance of the two dollar shop, you could be a not so secret santa in one big swap meet which could see everyone go home with a gift different to what they brought. Merry Christmas. P.S. Partners are not transferable, a la Car keys in the lucky dip bowl. So bring something such as a bottle of wine (red or white) and swap with some one. Gifts are limited only by your imagination. Imagine a paper clip multitraded for a house. The lesson may be realising a true gift is giving not traded.

A reminder to please also bring along your prize donations for the Contribution Awards, we will have a table set up for them. Thank you to everyone who has kindly said that they will donate a prize. We as a club are still keen for more so hunt around for those perfect re-gifting items!!

Thank you to everyone, for a great evening. And to those not able to attend in the stormy weather, or otherwise away.. see you again soon. Merry Christmas.