Hang Gliding Events 2017-2018

Manilla - NSW State Titles February 18th - 24th February 2018

Mt Borah, Manilla, NSW. AA grade HG comp, held each February in Manilla, Australia’s premier mountain launch XC soaring site. The comp attracts the best of the best from Australia and around the world, so is the ideal site for up and coming pilots to learn from those at the top of the game. It is also the ideal comp for newer pilots wishing to fly big air. 

NSW State Titles Hang Gliding Championships - Manilla 2018 Results 
NSW State Titles Hang Gliding Championships - Manilla 2017 Results

Manilla 2018

Manilla Drone videos everyone launch 2017



WA State Hang Gliding Championships 24 February to 3rd March 2018


"Flatland flying in the Western Australian wheat belt is as good as anywhere else in Australia, including Forbes or Dalby. Westonia is a great little wheat belt town with a pub, pool, bowling green and recreation centre which was used as competition headquarters. The town has everything we needed for a comp. And also blessed by the weather gods. Enjoy cloudbases of nine grand with cumulus clouds to mark our thermals, and on other days things can be more challenging, with blue conditions and thermals to only five or six grand. The comp has everything – great weather, plenty of PBs and first XCs for novice and intermediate pilots. And flying with eagles. See you there." [Richard Breyley]

No other competition in Australia offers so much for only a small entry fee. The flying in the last few years has been great with plenty of airtime, Personal Best flights and big cross country miles.

WA State Hang Gliding Championships

WA State Hang Gliding Championships Results 2017

Central West Classic - Gulgong  Sunday 19th November to Saturday 25th November, 2017

The Central West Classic is a Trike Aero Tow Category 2, AA rated competition held at Gulgong (near Mudgee).
This region offers big air thermals and is ideal for getting in some big flights early in the season. As it is early season, the thermals should be a bit softer round the edge while still pumping in the middle. Last year, tasks averaged around 100km with 1000ups achieved (and it was a wet season).

Gulgong in late Spring is a perfect location for inland flying. Great lift, not quite as rowdy as peak summer. The area offers wide open landing fields and plenty of options for tasks. Camping is free for pilots and support staff at Aero drome.showers and toilets and power for radio gear available.

Results - Central West Classic Hang Gliding Competition Gulgong 2017 

Forbes Flatlands HG Championships Friday 29th December 2017 to Friday 5th January 2018

Peak Pictures : portfolio - Michael Zupanc

Sanctions: FAI Cat2, Open Class AAA, Sport Class AA. Moyes together with the Sydney Hang Gliding Club are proud to announce the dates for the 12th consecutive Forbes Flatlands competition!

Forbes 2017 Movie

Corryong Cup Sunday 7th to Saturday 13th January 2018

Corryong, Victoria. This HG comp is recognised as one of the most enjoyable competitions in the Australian calendar. It’s all about having fun and learning. The aim of the comp is to foster the development of XC competition flying skills for all levels of pilots, in a non­stressful, friendly environment. Corryong is a perfect location for low airtime HG pilots to gain valuable experience flying in mountain terrain. The area offers wide open landing fields and you are only a few thermals away from Australia’s highest peak, Mt Kosciuszko. Online entry. Practice Day: 6 January 2018.

Dalby Big Air  8th to 14th April 2018 - Second week of Easter Holidays

Letuce Capture U Photography - Lester Baird.

DalbyBigAir logo

Big open plains gliding the farming flat lands and big air of Darling Downs, Queensland. About 225km by road West of Brisbane Airport , and about 78km down the road from Toowoomba's new private built international "Brisbane West - Wellcamp Airport"

"Dalby provides BIG, smooth thermals over flat lands. A relatively relaxed comp with statistically EPIC racing conditions, no landing area concerns, smooth (aero)tow conditions and generally cumulus clouded skies – so, yeah, you should be here!” [Dave May]

The skies are as good as it gets. Epic flying in 2016 Australian sailplane Gliding National Championships results hosted by Kingaroy Soaring Club

Dalby Big Air - Hang Gliding Competition has Sanctions: FAI Cat2, Open Class AA, Sport Class AA. Registrations close at midnight on Saturday 11th March, 2017. Free flyers welcome. Aerotow Launch before or after competition launch times. $30/Tow 2000ft+. Wind tech or free fly. Come fly one day or many. Heaps of drivers, for you to organise pick up. Come Fly big air.

Dalby 2017 on TV News WinNEWS local TV video

FAI - Airspace: Barometric altitude

FAI Hang Gliding & Paragliding Commission (CIVL) Minutes of the Plenary Meeting, Salzburg, Austria 4 and 5 February, 2017 

Altitude measurements concerning airspace.

Section 7A 4.1 

New rule:
"Only flight recording devices that record both GPS and the International Standard Atmosphere pressure altitude (QNE) in the track log are allowed for scoring. It must not be possible to modify the barometric altitude once track log recording has started. Flights will be verified using either GPS track log or live- tracking data. When live-tracking data is used as a primary source of scoring, pilots must be able to produce GPS track logs as a back-up. The FAI has the right to use all data collected in 1st Category events, including track logs, and may publish such data."

Section 7A - 4.4.5 

New rule:
"... Airspace violation checks rely primarily on the barometric altitude as recorded on the flight instrument tracklog (the International Standard Atmosphere pressure altitude QNE) and then when necessary corrected by the scoring software for the pressure conditions of the task (QNH). Pilots may submit a GPS altitude log as a backup log only in case of problems with the primary barometric log."

"Penalties for Airspace restrictions infringements."

Section 7A - 6.3

New rule:

"As an aid to competitors and when reasonably possible with the scoring system, pilots that fly closer than 100m vertically or horizontally to prohibited airspace will be listed in the scores for each task without penalty."


The Steward for the Brasilia worlds will formulate specifics of a 100 metre ‘buffer zone’ with graduated penalty provisions, to be approved by HG committee and Bureau and then included in the local regulations. The plenary accepted that the local regulations supersede Section 7A on this matter.

Compete document reference:   http://www.fai.org/downloads/civl/CIVL_2017_Minutes

Canungra Classic 2017


7th to 14th October 2017

FAI Category 2, HGFA AAA Sanctioned Hang Gliding competition 


Aircraft Maintenance


Look after your wings, and they will look after you. 

Aircraft maintenance is due for regular checks. Most well known for all aircraft is the "Aircraft Annual inspection or 100 hours whichever occurs first".

Follow your flying equipment Manufacturers Manual. 

For example: Hang gliders; Moyes Delta Gliders : LiteSpeed RX Owners Manual and Litesport Owners Manual

(Both manuals: pages33 paragraph2, bullet point 6) "Replace lower side wires every 50 hours or 6 months."
Gecko Owners Manual page32 - Replace (flying) side wires every 100hours or 12months.
Check your equipment owners manual.

Moyes is having a special this week [8 Feb 2017] on side wires. If you haven't changed yours in the last year or two it would be a good time to do it. Please feel free to send a text message or email if you would like some.

Contact Jonny Durand.

Members log in for contact info.

For Paragliders check your manufacturers manual. Seek advice from others. Such as contacting your instructor. For example, Phil has skills and equipment for paraglider servicing and testing including para material porosity testing.


Golden Anniversary

Bill Moyes 

50 years of Hang Gliding

FlySkyHy iPhone App - Airspace Map updates


Information on airspaces map for iPhone app flyskyhy. 

Kind regards Jeanine




Go to Airspace and select flyskyhy tab


HGFA Ops Manual - update

Hang Gliding Federation of Australia   go to: Forms and Docs for current HGFA Operations Manual Complete PDF

N.B. Cross Country operational requirements.


HGFA airflow topography - video

Beach flying, Flying Tours and events at other locations

Seasonal weather and winds favour a big day out, trip to the beach and a flying holiday at other flying sites as well as flying locally. Go on, you need a holiday. Because your worth it. What's it all about? Enjoy a Video  Sunshine Coast flying sites tour . 

Contact Local Instructors to fly safe. And for further information on upcoming Instructor's organised tours locally and internationally.

Flying sites within a few hours drive or few hundred kilometres, there are other Hang Gliding and Paragilding Clubs and flying sites many like to visit for a day or weekend. The safest way to experience flying new sites is when instructors organise tours. There are upcoming tours and flying events. Contact local instructors for further details. And be mindful it's weather dependant to be safe to fly.

On the coast line, beach flying to the north include: Rainbow Beach and Sunshine Coast - local weather

And beach flying to the south include: Byron Bay and Lennox - local weather


Inland flying sites within a few hundred kilometres to the west include: Killarney Use weather services to research weather conditions.


Hang Gliding competitions and events coming up include: Forbes Flatlands and Dalby Big Air

And many Paragliding and Hang Gliding events at: Fly Manilla

Contact local instructors for coaching to advance your skills and local flying training. And Tandem flights, the perfect gift.