Canungra Classic 2016 - News composed by Damian

World famous Hang Gliding Competition. 22nd to 29th October 2016. FAI Category 2, HGFA AAA Sanctioned.  For more information

Airtribune Live Tracking  Canungra Classic 2016 - Competition Live Tracking  N.B. Competition starts Task 1 on "Airtribune Day 2", after "Airtribune Day 1" was cancelled.

Photo by Billy Macleod.

Canungra Classic 2016 - Task 1 - Monday 24th October 2016

Competition - It is ON.

The Weekend became warm up days of no tasks due to undesirable wind direction. Gusting North, the cross wind blowing across the West launch on the first day, safety cancelled any task and free flying was not recommended in the launch sites most difficult possible conditions. Untaskable conditions suitable for whip cracking and leaving gliders on the cars to live to fly another day. Some dynamic flights were for only the brave few free flying with local knowledge. John Smith test flew a brand new Moyes RX, skying out and gone XC, with the field left on the hill scratching their heads. And later scoring some new board shorts next briefing. Conditions were difficult to fly even for two other skillful local pilots free flying.


Competition launch director, Senior Safety Officer, Ken Hill - Chief Flying Instructor of: 

films the conditions with a Video: Damian launches in 12+ knots crosswind  to enjoy local soaring flight in untaskable challenging gusty conditions.


Early afternoon into overnight medium rain dampened the following dull day destined to drying out by soaking up the sun, dampening thermal activity. Another Northerly cross launch was weak until blowing over the back on the second day and first task was canned before all could launch for a sled ride.


Finally on the third day, the weather came on to perfect conditions. 


Jonny's Report on Task1;

A 73km task was set taking us to the SW toward the beautiful Mt Lindsey. We then turn around and head back NE to a small country town of Rathdowney. 

Takeoff conditions were light but it seemed most pilots were doing a good job of getting off the hill and up into the sky. 

Once airborn we saw a NW wind of around 15-20kmph which swung a little more west and dropped off a bit as the day went on. Nearly all the pilots took the first start gate and headed off around 7,000ft towards the Kerry valley. 

Tony Armstrong and Jason Kath were doing well staying a little more right of course line while most of the pilots were down wind of course line. 

About 8km out from the Turn Point, John Smith, Mic Jackson, Tony and Jonny were together with John the highest. He managed to glide to the turnpoint and final into goal as he got a great line down the valley. 

Tony went left to the mountains and Jonny followed John and Mic but lower. Jonny got a bad line and had to stop and climb, which took a while before eventually having enough height to make goal. John Smith crushed it 10 mins in front of Mic with Jonny another 4 Mins behind Mic.

Tony and Jason will finish just behind Jonny with Nils Vesk and Rohan Taylor taking the 3rd start taking out 5th and 6th for the day. 

Goal saw many interesting landings as the wind was switching around but no one seemed to break any aluminium. 

The weather looks pretty similar the next coupes of days. Hopefully we will get off the hill before the see breeze gets us and we should get some good days of flying ahead.  

Photo from goal paddock and Jonny's Report credited to Jonny Durand Jr and used with permission. 

Task 1 Results:

Place     Pilot
Glider Total   Task1   
1 John Smith Moyes Rx4 1000
2 Mic Jackson Moyes Rx5 866
3 Jon Durand Moyes Rx3.5 828
4 Tony Armstrong Moyes Litespeed RX 3.5 818
5 Jason Kath WillsWing T2C 144 803
6 Nils Vesk Moyes Rx3.5 797
7 Rohan Taylor Moyes LiteSpeed RS4      791
8 Tony Giammichele       Moyes RX 3.5 773
9 Steve Blenkinsop Moyes RX 3.5 768
10    Guy Hubbard Moyes Rx3.5 738

Some one on launch another day summed it up; "John Smith smoked the field to win the day by 10minutes and gets a perfect score."

Corinna Schwiegershausen leading the Women's Class. Having completed the task, continued flying back to near Beaudesert.

Nikki Longshore is leading in the sport class. Close encounter with an eagle at the turn point, dived into goal.

Len Paton earlier marked the turn point with very close proximity formation flying with a curious eagle so close that held position between flying wires and wing, less than an arm length away, silent flight with an eagle eye - checking you out! The gooey short version of the weather forecast is the eagle may have been stirred up for others to encounter. Interesting Tactics!

Personal Best flights for a few pilots deep into tiger country down the Kerry Valley and beyond to Rathdowney Goal. How good is the Classic. Awesome.

Canungra Classic 2016 - Task 2 - Tuesday 25th October 2016


Up the Ante.


Pilots of international competition calibre, show their pedigree and spread their wings. Rising to the challenge of the task increasing the distance and difficulty.

Task set from Tamborine towards the border Lions Road (in the region of previous days goal) then up to Maroon Intersection near the dam and around to Boonah airstrip, the local aircraft and glider maintenance hub.


Josh Woods young blood, fresh from competing in Brazil with other pilots from here, is in fine form on fresh wings and wins the photo finish, with Steve Blenkinsop, the statesman of experience, steaming ahead like a train to the finish only to be pipped at the post by 6 seconds, and Glen Mcfarlane another 6 seconds back into third. Exciting finish to flying two hours of Air Racing.

A pilot decision by Glen the previous day, in hindsight was left to ponder in the goal paddock on day1 the points that might have been, what if... Not to make the same mistake twice. Doing well today. Showing his experience at World championships and familiar with mountain flying over Australia's highest mountain: Hang Gliding Mt Koscuiszko   

Harrison Rowndtree , thanks to sponsor Longridge Olives , flying a long ridge with a birds eye view, finishing 4 seconds in front of Jonny Durand who was 30 seconds off the leader, but moves in front of Harrison for the day with one extra lead out point. And cumulatively, the overall leader after first two tasks.

Thank you to the support of sponsors. And inviting you to support Jon Durand Jr sponsors;       RedBull      Moyes Gliders     Mitsubishi Motors

Rod Flockhart having trimmed down from his previously claimed RX3.75 to the 3.5 rocketed the red race stripe to finishing a nail biting 12 seconds gap into sixth. Flying every day, with a come fly with me positive attitude, Flightscope Aviation  clearly has him top of his game.

Gavin Myers, refuelled on fresh seafood after a leisurely day 1, has demonstrated how a box of Boston Bay Mussels , reinvigorates staying power to lead group that he is more familiar. Summing up the top magnificent seven, with finishing times separated by under 2 minutes, after 2 hours flying.

Glen Macleod local experience and skills see through the pack finishing 8th on new wings galliantly only several minutes off the pace rounding out first third of many good pilots into goal later. Jason Kath enjoying 9 lives with good times, and completing the top 10, following close finish top4 lead pack yesterday: high on happy vibes: Tony Armstrong HangGlideOZ

Task 2:

Place    Pilot                               Glider                                   Time             Task2
1 Josh Woods Moyes RX3.5  1:59:44 973
2 Steve Blenkinsop      Moyes RX 3.5 1:59:50 971
3 Glen Mcfarlane WillsWing T2C 144 1:59:56 963
4 Jon Durand Moyes LSRX 3.5 2:00:14 959
5 Harrison Rowndtree Moyes LSRX 3.5 2:00:10 958
6 Rod Flockhart Moyes LSRX 3.5 2:00:26 954
7 Gaven Myers Moyes RX 5.0 2:01:35 941
8 Glen Macleod Moyes LSRX 3.5 2:06:31 873
9 Jason Kath WillsWing T2C 144 2:15:02 862
10 Tony Armstrong Moyes Litespeed RX 3.5 2:15:49 858

Many great stories: Trevor Purcell into goal, showing the young feathers , how to fly with wise decisions, by the young at heart.

With 27 pilot in goal yesterday on day 1 and 24 pilots in goal today on day 2, out of 40 pilots total for all classes, this years classic is measured by quality pilots over quantity.

Corrina Schwiegershausen, Women's World Champion many times, on her annual pilgrimage as an honourary local, has improved her points position beating over half the men's field, left wondering how to fly as good as a living legend.

Thank you to the support of sponsors. And inviting you to support Corrina Schwiegershausen's sponsors;

RedBull     Adidas Eyewear     Icebreaker - Clothing     Moyes Gliders     Woody Valley - Hang Glider Harness


Nikki Longshore Let myself go - Hang Gliding  with the smooth skills developed only from many flying hours, covered half distance dominating the sports class.

Consistency will be the key to overall competition results. The rising star is local sky guru Mic Jackson coming cumulatively overall third, with strategic Steve Blenkinsop second and one of the worlds best professional Hang Glider Pilot: Jonny Durand, first after two tasks. All whom fly Moyes

Christian Ciech, Current World Champion and European Champion offers a tip:

"The best situation for me is when I'm not thinking about the results, and instead I'm thinking about what I can learn from the flight. If I set my mind in this way, it's the best thing I can do. It's not always possible, of course. Sometimes the competition stresses you out and you fight for the result, but that doesn't work very well for me. Flying to learn is the way I fly competitions."

FAI pilot profile: Hang Gliding Champion Christian Ciech



Jonny's Report on Task2;

A 86km task taking us SW to the border ranges then NW across the scenic Mt Maroon then north over the green rolling hills into the small airfield of Boonah.

We had a NNW winds with climbs to 7,500ft with some clouds to help show us the way. 

Many pilots took the first start and about 10 stayed back for the second clock. I almost caught the front few guys from the first start just before the first TP.

I made a bad decision and spent the next 15 mins low watching everyone fly over me. I managed to get a good climb eventually which took me around the TP then I came gliding in just below the main gaggle of 20 pilots. 

The gaggle pushed on getting a couple of good climbs with everyone coming into the last TP almost together. I was a little behind but higher and managed to make the TP and glide in below Mic Jackson who was climbing. Soon many pilots joined and we climbed and then went on  final glide to Boonah.

Just over 20 pilots made the task with Josh Woods taking out the day win 10 seconds in front of Steve Blenky then Glen McFarlane.

The goal field was beautiful green grass airstrip with many nice flying machines hiding in the hangars.

Jonny's Report - Used with permission. For more more Hang Gliding news from around the world check out

Cumulative (After Task2):

Place     Pilot                 
Glider                Total       Task1    Task2   
1 Jon Durand Moyes Rx3.5 1787     828    959
2 Steve Blenkinsop      Moyes RX 3.5 1739 768 971
3 Mic Jackson Moyes LS RX5 1723 866 857
4 Tony Armstrong Litespeed RX 3.5 1676 818 858
5 Jason Kath WillsWing T2C 144 1665 803 862
6 Glen Mcfarlane WillsWing T2C 144 1653 690 963
7 Josh Woods Moyes RX3.5 1650 677 973
8 Rohan Taylor Moyes LiteSpeed RS4      1641 791 850
9 Guy Hubbard Moyes Rx3.5 1588 738 850
10 Nick Purcell Moyes RS4 1559 709 850


Canungra Classic 2016 - Task 3 - Wednesday 26th October 2016

Here's Jonny.

Task3 Tamborine SW to Rathdowney, and zig zag E to Hill View and NW to Laravale Goal.

Pilots are getting plenty of practice flying from Tamborine to Rathdowney. Launch to Model field, Mount Misery, Witheren, Kerry Valley, Mt Mahomet, Jinbroken Range, and mix of open and tiger country. Local pilot caused a treasurers upset with the Bookies by flying to near Rath on Task 1 of the comp. Running book of who makes XC to where has taken a royal shuffle. Well Done to everyone doing personal bests.

The first start gate opens and they're off and racing. Glen Mcfarlane leads out Harrison Rowndtree, John Smith, Len Paton, Josh Woods, Guy Hubbard and Adams Stevens.

Second start gate lets loose Jon Durand, Steve Blenkinsop, and Mic Jackson hunting down the field. 

Today Jonny Durand and Steve Blenkinsop battle it out one two, finishing closer than your own shadow,  6 seconds apart. With Mic Jackson chasing third some 2 minutes+ later.


From the first start gate, Len Paton is the first of his group of starters into 4th some 16 minutes after first past the post. Followed by Glen Mcfarlane storming in 5 minutes after Len.

John Smith smoked the field on Task 1 charging like a man possessed, running of the bulls. By contrast Steve Blenkinsop, reserves strategy of "know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, and know when to run..."  The charging bull approach sooner or latter races out of altitude as many discover and John did on Task 2. But by Task 3 John Smith is back in the game with ALL IN approach.

The peloton come streaming in to goal. Harrision Rowndtree makes 7th a minute later. Plus 9 minutes more for Josh Woods 8th in goal. In about 10 minutes intervals: seasoned professional Guy Hubbard, and Adam Stevens rounding out the top10.

As the tasks get tougher, we're down to 15 pilots into goal. Including Jason Kath taking a late start gate and roaring through the field. Nils Vest makes 12th flexing the muscles of his experience at world championships and international competitions experience.  Competition organiser, Tony Giammichele, not too stressed and into the swing of things, dances into another goal paddock near Rob DeGroot, having started with Jonny Steve and Mic who finished 1,2,3. Flying along with Craig Taylor into goal minutes later.

And finally Glen Macleod is the last pilot into goal after a marathon 4 hours.

Of those who got close to but no cigar, Jon Durand Sr Durand Water Filters flying faster trumps Gavin Myers flying further. Jon Sr with lead out points gets the better of Gavin flying for further distance points. Howard Jones did the same to next place getter Geoff Christopher separated by half a kilometre. And Rob DeGroot pioneered the way to goal, settling into 20th after early start and flight. Nic Purcell flying into 21st.

Finishing 22nd, Niki Longshore flies further into challenging country and challenging topless glider pilots.



Jonny's Report on Task3 

Task 3 brought us NNW winds a little stronger than the previous day.   A 72km task was set taking us SW to Rathdowney, then back east to Hillview before heading north down the Jinbroken range to the small town of Laravale. 

Conditions were pretty good around launch with nearly all the pilots getting up and away.  Most pilots took the first start with only a few of us that hung back for the second. 

I started on the second clock with Mic, Blenky and a few others. We had a good run, staying further south of the course line compared to the early guys who took a more upwind line.  We managed to get to the turnpoint first and started heading back east to the last turnpoint.


We had a couple of reasonable climbs then hit a climb at the last TP which got us high enough to make final glide. I left just below Blenky with Mic just below me.  It was a long 17km glide into the wind to goal, but I managed to get a better line by flying around the west side of a fire while Blenky went the east side.  I crossed the line 6 seconds in front of him with Mic a couple of minutes behind. 

15 pilots completed the course with me winning the day in 1hr 46 mins.  Some of the top pilots were not in goal so the scores will be changing around a lot today.

Jonny's Report - Used with permission. For more more Hang Gliding news from around the world check out

Task 3:

Place     Pilot       Glider         Time        Task3
1 Jon Durand Moyes LSRX 3.5 1:46:32 983
2 Steve Blenkinsop Moyes Rx 3,5 1:46:38 979
3 Mic Jackson Moyes LSRX 5 1:49:18 937
4 Len Paton Moyes LSRX 4 2:03:13 847
5 Glen Mcfarlane WW T2C 144 2:08:37 832
6 John Smith Moyes LSRX 4 2:07:41 821
7 Harrison Rowndtree        Litespeed RX 3.5      2:08:34 819
8 Josh Woods Moyes RX3.5 2:17:55 758
9 Guy Hubbard Moyes LSRX 3.5 2:29:06 702
10 Adam Stevens Moyes LSRX 3.5 2:40:40 651

Cumulative (After Task3):

Place     Pilot     
Glider        Total       Task1    Task2    Task3   
1 Jon Durand Moyes LSRX 3.5 2756      814       959      983
2 Steve Blenkinsop Moyes RX 3.5 2717 768 970 979
3 Mic Jackson Moyes LSRX 5
2645 852 856 937
4 Glen Mcfarlane WillsWing T2C 144 2491 697 962 832
5 Josh Woods Moyes RX3.5 2419 688 973 758
6 Guy Hubbard Moyes RX 3.5 2289 738 849 702
7 Jason Kath WillsWing T2C 144 2235 798 862 575
8 John Smith Moyes LSRX 4 2233 1000 412 821
9 Harrison Rowntree          Litespeed RX 3.5        2120 343 958 819
10 Nils Vesk Moyes LSRX 3.5 2084 809 733 542



Your Invited to a Comedy Evening  - Canungra Hotel 

Wednesday 26th October, is the Canungra Classic Red Faces evening at the Canungra Hotel, starting at 7pm. This is a fantastic evening where Classic participants and their support crews put together a comedy act and compete for the Red Faces title. It is great fun and everyone is welcome. So come and have a laugh, a drink or a few and a meal.

 No need to RSVP, just rock up!!


Canungra Classic 2016 - Task 4 - Thursday 27th October 2016


Strawberries and cream. The cream of the crop rises to the top.


Task4 Tamborine SW to Kerry Valley Oval, NW to Laravale, N to Veresdale Intersection then double back S to Bromelton Goal.

Corrina's Rule # 1 GO EARLY. Go early.

I'm stoked.  I was 3rd in goal today and almost my whole team made it!  Now storms approaching!


The first start gate opens and we're racing the weather. It's the quick and the dead. Leaders know the way, show the way and go the way. Tony Armstrong leading out. Go you good thing. Looking Good. He's gone, headed to Owen's Valley. Narrowly in front of Jason Kath, WA Champion. Followed by Rohan Taylor. Adam Stevens nicely positioned like protected VIP in the lead pack. 

Jon Durand Sr a nose in front of conjoined seafood loving twin Gavin Myers, who is neck and neck with John Smith. So close the three look as one from a distance. Reminicent of the three abreast ducks on the wall. Narrowly following wingman Glen Macleod and Corrina Schwiegershausen. Guy Hubbard as tail end charlie of the leader pack, in position for good supervision and in reach to capitalise on surveying the group.

A gap to Tony Giammichele, competition organiser, flies his own race and knows the way to get to goal.

Second start gate lets loose, having release the wind tech hounds on the hunt. Craig Taylor cuts through the air, man on a mission. Accompanied by Josh Woods. Moments later, three amigos, Jonny Durand Jr, flying buddy Mic Jackson, and Steve Blenkinsop sits off the wing moments back. Rod Flockhart flies the chase plane in this group.

By the third start gate, Nils Vest is a lone ranger to go the distance to goal. Having dropped back yesterday, contributing to starting later today.

With changing weather, fortune favours the brave. Those able to go at the right time when IT'S ON climbed out and raced off. At other times, alternate launch early, short flights to model field or bombout.

Jason Kath, WA Champion wins the day flying for 2hrs 16minute. Equiped with flying Wills Wing, (and Woody Valley harness), in a field dominated by Moyes Gliders (and mostly Moyes Matrix or Woody Valley harness). 

Attila Bertok (World Champion) says; There may be subtle differences in different manufacturers Wings.  At this level the pilot makes the biggest difference. 

The better pilot , on the day, wins. Well done!

Under 50 seconds later Rohan Taylor wearing special sunglasses for astronaut re-entry comes screaming in from outer space pipped at the post into second. 2minutes back Adam Stevens and Gavin Myers finish with the same time to the second, with Adam edging ahead from lead out points.

Corrina Schwiegershausen is 5th for the day when points abacus tallies up, 3 minutes off the pace and absolutely spanking the men in a field total of 40 pilots. Glen Macleod has a dream run flying like a champ on new wings this comp. Finishing 2 minutes back from Corrina.

Tony Armstrong having stormed the lead, is challenged over the course to an admirable lucky 7th and scalping Jon Durand Sr in 8th, 30 second back.

Craig Taylor is first of the second start gate into goal with 5th fastest time of the day, and overall finishing 9th.

Guy Hubbard having taken the first gate has the 6th fastest time of the day. But is beaten by the top 5 on speed and when points are tallied finishing 10th.

Rod Flockhart races 6th fastest time for the day, but from second start gate chasing others with lead out points advantage, places him 11th for the day.

Mic Jackson beats Jonny Durand Jr by 16 seconds in the final dash for the cash and chasing hard Josh Woods another 15 second back after 2hrs 26minutes. 

Tony Giammichele, 15th arriving with leading points improving on a 7minutes gap. Followed in 16th by Steve Blenkinsop 5minutes faster than Tony but down by more on lead out points.

17th Glen Mcfarlane flying Wills Wing to goal only a minute after Tony G.

And finally, last to make goal in 18th Nils Vest who's time was 15th after Josh Woods, but down on lead out points. Taking the third start gate.

As the tasks get more difficult, by task 4 we have noteworthy 18 quality pilots made goal out of 40. Demonstrating the quality of the field. And at mid way through the competition we see quite a mix of attrition, and the experienced pilots who if they drop performance, only return all fired up to produce the goods.

How good is the Classic! The depth of talent is just epic.

Task 4:

Place   Pilot Glider Time        Task4
1 Jason Kath Wills Wing T2C 144 2:16:05 996
2 Rohan Taylor Moyes LiteSpeed RS4      2:16:53 975
3 Adam Stevens Moyes LSRX 3.5 2:18:44 946
4 Gaven Myers Moyes RX 5.0 2:18:44 941
5 Corrina Schwiegershausen        Moyes Rx 3 2:19:01 935
6 Glen Macleod Moyes LSRX 3.5 2:21:30 912
7 Tony Armstrong Litespeed RX 3.5 2:25:10 901
8 Jon Durand Sr Moyes LSRX 4 2:25:39 882
9 Craig Taylor Moyes LSRX 3.5 2:18:52 881
10 Guy Hubbard Moyes LSRX 3.5 2:25:09 880


Cumulative (After Task4):

Place   Pilot
Glider Total       Task1    Task2    Task3    Task4   
1 Jon Durand Moyes LSRX 3.5 3574 814 959 983 818
2 Steve Blenkinsop        Moyes RX 3.5 3519 768 970 979 802
3 Mic Jackson Moyes LS 5 3466 852 856 938 820
4 Glen Mcfarlane Wills Wing T2C 144      3271 697 962 834 778
5 Josh Woods Moyes RX3.5 3239 688 973 761 817
6 Jason Kath Wills Wing T2C 144 3235 798 862 579 996
7 Guy Hubbard Moyes RX 3.5 3172 738 849 705 880
8 Adam Stevens Moyes RX3.5 3033 678 754 655 946
9 Glen Macleod Moyes LSRX 3.5 2954 673 873 496 912
10 Tony Armstrong Litespeed RX 3.5 2886 810 858 317 901

Note preliminary points subject to possible small variations until finalised results.


Canungra Classic 2016 - Task Cancelled - Friday 28th October 2016

Blood Sweat and tears. The penultimate pump to the finale.

It's not over til it's over. Never give up. Task 5-first attempt Beechmont to Goal.

After a week of flying from Mount Tamborine, finally the eastern seabreeze brings the flying circus to Beechmont. Dreaming of flying over the back, and far far away down wind to deep in the Kerry Valley, and North to infinity and beyond. What goes up must come down. Only time will tell where. Stormy weather ... Rain. TO THE PUB 

Canungra Classic 2016 - Task 5 - Saturday 29th October 2016

The final showdown.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. The decider goes down to the wire.

With wind up the western facing launch, the pilots headed to Tamborine. Only to have patience tested as NE breeze came from over the back closing launch on safety grounds. Not before the first and only,  Nikki Longshore got away in nil wind to a sled ride.

With much anguish the day was over for that launch site. Cumulative Results from after Task4 had few points separating many pilots. Jonny Durand leading over Steve Blenkinsop and Mic Jackson. 

With 40 sky surfing desporatos itching to fly, Safety and Task committee deliberated, reassessing conditions and negotiated many factors. A  majority vote finally decided to relocate to Beechmont East facing launch where the NE is favourable and a glimmer of hope to fly another day.

The hope was for fair play. In great Aussie tradition of everyone gets a fair go. True in it's purest form in sport, where unlike politics or other parts of life, in sport you can't argue with the scoreboard. To not fly some might feel cheated of the opportunity for a fair race on the final day of reckoning. As competition was so fierce, it is a milestone in the Sport, taking the quality of the pilots and the competition to another level.

So 40 pilots pack up their bongos and the caravan carnival races the 40 minutes drive spanning high noon for the showdown to the competition.

Local free flyer Damian launches as a wind tech while the competition pilots eagerly set up chasing the sun and task committee and Safety team review if conditions allow for one last task this competition. Over development cloud cover and changing possible window of opportunity. In testing conditions, getting a climb and skying out, another free flying wind tech Ian also shows the conditions are coming on after the famous lunchtime lull. Against the sundial clock the day is slipping away where the launch site shuts down early.

Task is set. The task from Tamborine stands, to Coulson and back to Bromelton. Only now launching from further away at Beechmont.

With the free flyers / wind techs top landing, as conditions get rowdy, clearing the way for about 35 competition pilots to launch in quick succession like star fighters punching to light speed. Some pilots were battle weary, choosing to live to fly another day. Tony Giammichele top landing to forfill competition organisers duties.

The weather window was dynamic and challenging. By the final two had a chance to launch, grey skies concealed the western sun which otherwise was on it's way to setting a shadow to shutdown the east facing launch valley. Sled rides gave two the chance to experience their best ever perfect landings.

Out on course the battle raged on for what would become the race of the century.

Nothing is guaranteed. Especially results resting on past laurels.

By the time most had made their way to the goal-the pub everyone is exhausted and hungry to find out what happened. Gradually pilots start wandering in to the pub and the situation awareness is building.

Yesterdays task before thunder storms nearby stoped the day on safety precautions, Steve Blenkinsop was pushing with all his skills and experience to get the better of his rivals. 

In anticipation, people do a head count looking for who's missing in action, presumably still flying. Such was the quality of pilots half the field could have won the whole competition. Over a dozen pilots start racing within minutes of each other, the whole field that launched, started within 20minutes. Racing to forfill their destiny.

Hours later. Scoring report comes in Steve Blenkinsop has landed way out at Korralbyn, with a 2 hour walk out.

There is news a handful of pilots have made the turn point, all that further from changed launch site. Glen Mcfarlane leads Rohan Taylor, with Adam Stevens and Mic Jackson together like four fingers. Chasing hard Jon Durand Jr makes five to the turn point. Reaching out to be the Hero as Maradona's hand of god.

The silence is deafening as everyone waits to see who shows up with what news.

Under gray skies that conceal sunset fading to black, rumour mill spreads Jonny Durand Jr is still flying. It is pitch black and only time will tell what happened in the final showdown.

On the Bingo call when the fuel of thermals ran out Glen Mcfarlane wins the day with the furtherest distance glide. When the day was done and the lift no more. Those final moments may have been like a game of lawn darts, under 50 shades of grey clouds concealing sunset. Rohan Taylor 2nd for the day 1km off the leader. Adam Stevens 3rd some 190metre back. In 4th Mic Jackson plants his feet 350m behind Adam.  There is nothing in it. So close they could shout out jokes to each other. And Jon Durrand Jr last the man standing under 3km from Mic Jackson. What a day. Each pilot "just can't go any faster, I'm givin' her all she's got."  Exhausted of every last ounce of skill and tenacity. What a race!

Task 5:

Place    Pilot Glider Kms      Task5
1 Glen Mcfarlane
Wills Wing T2C 144 56.11 477
2 Rohan Taylor
Moyes LiteSpeed RS4     55.19 471
3 Adam Stevens
Moyes LSRX 3.5 55.00 470
4 Mic Jackson
Moyes LSRX 5 53.65 464
5 Jon Durand
Moyes LSRX 3.5 50.88 431
6 Steve Blenkinsop   
Moyes Rx 3.5 35.14 347
7 Glen Macleod
Moyes LSRX 3.5 31.51 328
8 Nils Vest
Moyes LSRX 3.5 30.42 320
9 Jon Durand Sr
Moyes LSRX 4 26.04 290
10 Howard Jones
Moyes LSRX 3.5 25.58 287



Canungra Classic 2016 - Celebration Dinner - Saturday 29th October 2016

Good Times

At the end of the day we gather for the final feast and party time.

Your past is never THE past. It never leaves you in the past. Occasionally it sometimes comes up and sits beside you. The last supper, we feast to the week off work, and remember flying friends and good times of yesterday, see familiar faces come out of the woodwork. Many names, and personal stories are shared with joy. And tell tales of the glory days from today as well as long ago. Remember the time...

Some would like to see social week of drinking all night and flying 200km all day with your mates, having a good time. The level of competition quality has professional pilot competitors, sponsors and obligations to family and work... , early to bed and giving everything to exhaustion for the bragging rights of beating their mates flying cross country where the points system has evolved to those who feel the need, the need for speed.

Canungra Classic 2016 - Final Result - Saturday 29th October 2016


The Award Winners.

Sportman Awards - Rory Baker

Most Improved - Craig Taylor


Jurassic Class (not top10) 

1st - Jon Durand Sr

2nd - Tony Armstrong

3rd - Robert De Groot


Landowners Award - Congratulations to the worthy recipient, and personal story.


Best of the Rest

1st - Glen Macleod

2nd - Craig Taylor

3rd - Robert De Groot


Floater Class

1st - Steve Cronin


Sports Class

1st - Nikki Longshore

2nd - Neville Marinko 

3rd - Aaron Darby


Womens Class

1st - Corrina Schwiegershausen

2nd - Nikki Longshore


Open Class

1st - Jon Durand Jr

2nd - Mick Jackson

3rd - Steve Blenkinsop

4th - Glen McFarlane

5th- Jason Kath

6th - Adam Stevens

7th - Josh Woods

8th - Guy Hubbard

9th - Rohan Taylor

10th - Glen Macleod


Left to right: Winners; Sports Class, Open Class, Women's Class

South East Queensland Hang Gliding Regional Titles

A Grade - Jon Durand (Jr)

B Grade - Billy Macleod

Canungra Classic 2016 Final results (5 Tasks):

Place     Pilot    
Glider     Total     Task1    Task2    Task3    Task4    Task5   
1 Jon Durand
Moyes LSRX 3.5 3997   813  957  981  815  431 
2 Mic Jackson Moyes LS 5 3921 851 853 936 817 464
3 Steve Blenkinsop   Moyes RX 3.5 3859 767 969 977 799 347
4 Glen Mcfarlane Wills Wing T2C 144 3745 695 961 836 776 477
5 Jason Kath Wills Wing T2C 144 3509 797 858 578 995 281
6 Adam Stevens Moyes RX3.5 3498 676 751 657 944 470
7 Josh Woods Moyes RX3.5 3488 687 972 762 814 253
8 Guy Hubbard Moyes RX 3.5 3405 736 847 707 879 236
9 Rohan Taylor Moyes LiteSpeed RS4   3326 804 846 231 974 471
10 Glen Macleod Moyes LSRX 3.5 3278 671 871 497 911 328


Steve Blenkinsop credits his rivals having given it all he's got, and the best pilot wins.

Mick Jackson happy to return to the sport with skills refined with epic local flying this year.

And the winner is Australias best pilot Jon Durand Jr.

Reportedly 14 wins in the last 16 years. But nothing is guaranteed. And the quality of pilots has raised the bar. Someone may have said this was Jonny's toughest competition ever in his whole career. Making this win highly respected. Well deserved. Congratulations.

As Rory Baker said " You might think flying the weather involves luck. In this competition week of awesome flying, a lesson learnt is getting to goal involves a lot of skill. It's amazing how many good pilots fly here at The Canungra Classic. Maybe one day we can be as good as all the pilots here today."

And Corrina Schwiegershausen expressed she loves coming back every year as the flying is great, but the best thing is the people.

Thanks for everyone as a club who contributed to make this event a success.

To the pilots for safety. No incidents or accidents. To the organser Tony Giammichele. Launch director Ken Hill (Senior Safety Officer). CHGC president Walt Nielsen for tireless work behind the scenes. Scorer Dave Gibbs, and assisted by J.J. Special thank you to Jon Durand Sr for the beautifully hand crafted Winners mugs presented to the top 10 places.

And to everyone whom has contributed, thank you.



Canungra Classic 2016 - Results Scoreboard

Canungra Classic 2016 - Award Winners - Saturday 29th October 2016

Award winners Canungra Classic 2016

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