Competition season 2017 - 2018

Paragliding Competitions Hi guys,

if you are planning your comp season 2017/2018 this is what we have. Looks like a good year ;-)

Canungra Cup 2017
21.10 - 28.10
20.10 - Practice day

Corryong PG Open 2018
2018 14.01 - 21.01

Manilla XC Camp 2018
27.01 - 03.02,AccomInfo/ManillaXCCamp2018-ParaglidingXCeveryday!/tabid/346/Default.aspx

Bright Open 2018
10.02 - 16.02

PwC Bright 2018
17.02 - 24.02
17.2 - Practice Day

Regards, Martin Havel

Paragliding State of Origin 2018

Paragliding Competition "State of Origin" located in Manilla, NSW, Australia. In western region near Tamworth.

It is held over the Easter weekend and designed for low airtime and Intermediate Pilots.


Lofty 😊

State of Origin 2018 Paragliding Pilot Information

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
State of Origin 2018 PG Pilot Information  2/02/20182.80 MBDownload

Paragliding - Manilla XC Camp 2018

XC Camp  Saturday 27th January - Saturday 3rd of February.


Registration and details can be found at the below link.


Conditions are generally not suitable for rank novices at this time of year. If you have between zero and 25 hours airtime, the State of Origin event held during Easter would be more appropriate.,AccomInfo/ManillaXCCamp2017-ParaglidingXCeveryday!/tabid/346/Default.aspx





Paragliding Skills Development

Dear Australian Pilot,

  Do you: 
·         Feel like your flying has hit a plateau?
·         Wish to begin doing competitions?
·         Need some help with a few key area of your flying?
·         Or just want some skills development advice from Australia's best pilots?

This coming season (2017/18) the Australian Paragliding squad is undertaking a skills development auction.

All pilots in the Australian Squad are donating their time to help develop the skills of  20 lucky bidders.

The Way it Works:

Any Australian pilot can bid for one-on-one skills development session with any member of the Australian Squad.

The Auction is an online – 'Silent Auction' – Winners of the skills development day will be announced on

Friday 27th October 2017 – at 7:00 pm in the evening. (for entry – see details below)

Each Squad member will donate one day of paragliding skills development to the winning individual.

The winning individual chooses the content of their skills development session. e.g. competitions, XC flying, thermalling etc

The winning individual can choose to either: Fly solo, in radio contact with the squad pilot or

Fly Tandem with the squad pilot (Endorsement required by pilot)

All proceeds will not go to the individual pilot, instead, all funds will be put into the Australian Squad Pilot Fund.

To bid on for your Aussie Squad Skills development weekend –

Please send an email

Your Email must contain:
1. The pilot you're bidding for
2. Your bidding price.
(winners announced Friday 27th October at Canungra Cup and Online – 7:00pm)

Australia Squad Members, Location and Tandem Endorsement:
1.      Gareth Carter – Sydney (Tandem Endorsement)
2.      Filipe Rezende – Sydney (Tandem Endorsement)
3.      Che Golus – Blue Mountains (Tandem Endorsement)
4.      Pete Slade – Brisbane
5.      Steve Nagle – Sydney
6.      James Thompson – Newcastle
7.      Ivan Anissimov – Canungra   (Tandem Endorsement)
8.      Dave Gibbs - Canungra   (Tandem Endorsement)
9.      Wally Arcidiacono – Bright (Tandem Endorsement)
10.  Alex Yaschenko – Melbourne (Tandem Endorsement)
11.  Brian Webb - Bright (Tandem Endorsement)
12.  Kari Ellis – Canberra (Tandem Endorsement)
13.  Zane Priebbenow – Sydney (Tandem Endorsement)
14.  Eduardo Senger – Brisbane (Tandem Endorsement)
15.  Andrew Forbes – Southern Highlands (Sydney)
16.  Ian McFarlane - Brisbane (Tandem Endorsement)
17.  Eddie Kumsuz – Sydney 
18.  Simon Houston – Port Macquarie (Tandem Endorsement)
19.  Kirsten Seeto – Sydney/Bright


Regards, Martin Havel

Canungra Cup 2017

Canungra Cup   21st to 28th October 2017   

Registration (opens 22nd May 2017)

What's ON - Weekend 10th 11th June 2017

Looks like another weekend of South winds this weekend.   If the forecast rain stays away, then Hinchies South may well be the place to be for flying.  

Just a note on the use of Hinchies and Hinchies South. 

There is another MTB DH event this weekend.    

If pilots choose to go up Hinchies tomorrow then you will need to work in with the MTB shuttle bus.  Wait at the first gate on Toe Hold Rd for the shuttle and drive up in convoy with the shuttle.   The same applies to any vehicle coming down the hill.   If the MTB organiser has the barricades on launch, maybe you can ask politely if they can move them slightly to the North so as to avoid any conflict.  

If pilots want to use the South launch (thanks Jason for clearing)

To Fly Hinchies South Launch, You MUST contact Senior Safety Officer SSO -  Phil Hystek

  know before you take any gliders onto the site.  You can walk over there to check if it’s on, but you must let SSO Phil know as liaison with the land owners. This is imperative as the owners will ban us from the site if this is not done.  The owners are very friendly, but need to know if anyone is going to fly from their site.  

No land owners permission, no fly zone.



Enjoy your weekend and safe flying.  

Beechmont Launch only Area

New updated information. Please refer to /Flying/Beechmont/ and select "Flying" tab section; regarding Beechmont Launch only area. 

FlyManilla PG Easter

Paragliding State of Origin 17
Mt Borah, Manilla NSW. For The Novice (P2), it’s a great way to get  into Comp and XC flying in a fun & safe way.  It’s about the promotion of Skills and Safely. The Comp is based on Flying Crews(5 pilot teams, 1 Adv. & 2 P2 pilots & then 2 other Pilots)

 Handicapping is used for scoring. (see Pilot pack)

Reserve, UHF Radio and at least 3 hours XC / Thermalling experience.

Comp Fee $30.00. Early bird discount fee $20.00 (Registering before 01/04/17)

Contact; James T. [refer Register contact]

Things will be very busy down in Manilla on Thursday and through the weekend. Preparing stuff before you get to Manilla will help reduce the stress.


Make sure you bring the manuals for your radios, vario, GPS (especially if you do not know how to change settings)

Have everything fully charged BEFORE you drive down.

Load the Manilla waypoints into your GPS before you come down.

or [ Link not working: Contact Martin  ] file - (Maps with waypoints on them)


Getting to Manilla:

There are a few different ways to drive down. If you are driving around dusk or at night be VERY carefull of Skippys. They are everywhere.
Also, don't speed, there are Cops everywhere aswell. They love hanging around the small towns and pinging people speeding. Being Easter, Double fines and Points will apply!


The best map to get is the NRMA Road Map of the area. It has all the little dirt tracks which can be handy.


Telstra has the best coverage. Optus is a close second. You may struggle with other networks.


On the hill there is a Toilet. That's it nothing else. Bring enough food and water to get you sorted throughout the day.

Basher rides from the bombout to launch will be running (they are usually $7 per ride). They will more than likely run from HQ in the morning up the hill aswell. (save taking your car up the hill)

HQ (Godfreys) has toilets and bar for visitors. Campers have access to pool aswell. There are two harness hangers at HQ aswell if you need to fine tune your harness.


The local club is 'The Manilla Sky Sailors'.  Club fees are either $20 or $25 (This is normally paid to the Basher driver, Lucas. For this event, someone else maybe be at HQ to collect this from you.)
The event costs (see above) .. payable either Thursday evening or first up Friday morning.
Food , accom and XC retrieve are your responsibility.


Remember, EVERYTHING is shut on friday! Make sure you have enough food and drink to get you through until atleast Saturday.

Timetable: HQ

Thursday:  17:00 - Registration at HQ (Godfrey's) 
                     19:00 - Briefing for Novices about State of Origin (MANDATORY) - If can't make this one, it will be given again at 8am friday.

Friday:        8am  -  Registration for the late punters. Mandatory briefing if you couldn't make it thursday night.
                     8:30am - Weather briefing and daily schedule - HQ 
Saturday:   10am - Briefing

Sunday:     10am - Briefing


                  20:00 ish - Presentation. SWANN Catering $25pp  and entertainment by Singer/Song writer  Kristy Coote!

Educational talks will be held each evening from 19:00


In past years we have used a system to communicate/report where we are when we are flying. If you have a GPS, before you launch program a 'GO TO' "BORAH" (launch). As you fly away XC  the GO TO will tell you how far away from launch you are. Easy then to report on the radio " This is Brandon, 22km north of launch, 2000 metres, gliding north. It may be that an advanced pilot is very close to you (but doesn't recognise your wing) and can come and hook up with you and help you along.


Generally we have formed teams Thursday night or friday morning when we know who has turned up. Idea is to get one Advanced Pilot with two intermediates and two Novice. If you want to form a team before you come down, then no problem... or just wait until Thursday/Friday.

Look forward to catching up and sharing some fun flying with you all.


Lofty :)

ps. If any of the advance pilots want to add to the above feel free. Sure I've missed something.

So how was it?

With about 120 pilots registered, the 25 member QLD team (99% CHGC Members) pulled together and revelled in great conditions for novice pilots throughout the weekend. Cloudbases above 2400m asl were enjoyed with some silky smooth thermals.

FAI - Airspace: Barometric altitude

FAI Hang Gliding & Paragliding Commission (CIVL) Minutes of the Plenary Meeting, Salzburg, Austria 4 and 5 February, 2017 

Altitude measurements concerning airspace.

Section 7A 4.1 

New rule:
"Only flight recording devices that record both GPS and the International Standard Atmosphere pressure altitude (QNE) in the track log are allowed for scoring. It must not be possible to modify the barometric altitude once track log recording has started. Flights will be verified using either GPS track log or live- tracking data. When live-tracking data is used as a primary source of scoring, pilots must be able to produce GPS track logs as a back-up. The FAI has the right to use all data collected in 1st Category events, including track logs, and may publish such data."

Section 7A - 4.4.5 

New rule:
"... Airspace violation checks rely primarily on the barometric altitude as recorded on the flight instrument tracklog (the International Standard Atmosphere pressure altitude QNE) and then when necessary corrected by the scoring software for the pressure conditions of the task (QNH). Pilots may submit a GPS altitude log as a backup log only in case of problems with the primary barometric log."

"Penalties for Airspace restrictions infringements."

Section 7A - 6.3

New rule:

"As an aid to competitors and when reasonably possible with the scoring system, pilots that fly closer than 100m vertically or horizontally to prohibited airspace will be listed in the scores for each task without penalty."


The Steward for the Brasilia worlds will formulate specifics of a 100 metre ‘buffer zone’ with graduated penalty provisions, to be approved by HG committee and Bureau and then included in the local regulations. The plenary accepted that the local regulations supersede Section 7A on this matter.

Compete document reference:

Paragliding Manilla - State of Origin 2017

the Pre Registration is now open for the best Novice Comp in Australia. Paragliding State of Origin is a great way to get into Competition and XC flying.

Date: Easter - April 14-16 2017
Location: Mt Borah, Manilla NSW. 

If you have never been to Manilla, Easter is a good time to go. The conditions have mellowed down but there is still plenty of lift to have a good, awesome or PB flight.

Here is a Facebook Group if you want to check some pictures.

The Comp is based on Flying Crews (5 pilot teams, 1 Advanced. & 2 Novice pilots & then 2 other Pilots). The team will score the most if the advance and intermediate pilots are able to drag the novice pilots with them as far as possible. As a novice pilot you will receive a lot of attention from your advanced and intermediate pilots.

Handicapping is used for scoring.
Novice = distance * 3
Intermediate = distance * 2
Advance = distance * 1

Reserve, UHF Radio and at least 3 hours XC Flights are required. XC course recommended. Comp Fee $20.00. 

It's all about having fun, learning something new and staying safe. As long as QLD wins ;-)

Martin Havel

FlyManilla - XC Camp


Fly Manilla - XC Camp 4-11 February 2017

The MANILLA XC CAMP 2017 is a FREE event for XC pilots of all levels.

Fly as far as you can!

Free Site briefings and general info. 

Contact Lofty for hot tips to fly better.


See you at camp ground at HQ. (Godfrey's) 

for the week

FlySkyHy iPhone App - Airspace Map updates


Information on airspaces map for iPhone app flyskyhy. 

Kind regards Jeanine




Go to Airspace and select flyskyhy tab


Paragliding - 2017 Events

Bright Open and Pre PWC 14-20 January 2017

The Bright Open, FAI Cat 2, an Australian 7 day XC race paragliding competition and Pre PWC.
Based around the Mystic Flight Park in Bright, Victoria. This is the most popular Victorian Inland Site and has hosted numerous state, national competitions including a Paragliding World Cup event in 1998.

Corryong PG Open  22-28 January 2017

Welcome to the Corryong Paragliding Open 2017 and thanks for your interest in flying and competing at the best Alpine flying site in Australia, the mighty Mt Elliot. For those unfamiliar with the area, Corryong is located just a few thermal glides from Mt Kosciuszko the highest mountain in Australia where historically the very first Australian Paragliding Nationals were hosted not far from here in Thredbo 1990. Back then the first competition task was flown from the top of Mt Kosciuszko at 2200 metres. From on top of Mt Elliot you can see the Western face of the Main Range and in the early Spring and late Autumn its peaks are often still covered in snow. The Corryong Open is a high level AAA/CAT2 competition with 450 WPRS Points available, it's sanctioned by the HGFA and aimed at experienced inland intermediate to advanced rated pilots. If you fit this category of pilot we would love for you to come fly with us and experience the magic of flying cross country in Corryong. The Corryong open is the final AAA event of the Australian season and is therefore a pilots last chance to gain Ladder and team ladder points. Important info : Pilots are required for arrange there own retrieve drivers, A list of drivers will be sourced. VHF License is mandatory and is up to the pilot to bring your own.

FlyDubbo   About 22-28 January 2017 

Phil Mansell will be towing around Dubbo for those that missed out on Corryong and had already time allocated for flying during that time.

Flying tours with Phil   2017

Paragliding Guided Tours with Phil Hystek 

Fly New Zealand  28 January 2017 - 04 February  and 05 February - 12 February  and 13 February  - 20 February 2017

Europe Swiss & French Alps (Annecy, Interlaken, "The Coupe Icare” at Saint Hilaire) - contact for future dates. 

Fly Iceland and Norway  28 June 2017 - 08 July and 08 July - 16 July 2017

PG Tow endorsement

PG Tow endorsement on Monday 12 December 2016 is now full. Congratulations to the pilot who flew for 8hours covering over 300km. 

Also another PG Tow endorsement the weekend before Christmas 2016. 

If your friends are wondering how to get on to this email list please let them know that  they can sign up via this link or Email Martin.

If you want to do your endorsement you can sign up via the Endorsements Expression of Interest online form.

HGFA Ops Manual - update

Hang Gliding Federation of Australia   go to: Forms and Docs for current HGFA Operations Manual Complete PDF

N.B. Cross Country operational requirements.


HGFA airflow topography - video