Local Community

For over 25 years, the CHGC has prided itself on the level of engagement that we have always had with local landowners, the community and members of the public in the Canungra Valley region. This is often through community activities, donations of various types, as well as sharing some of the resources available to us with the community.

We have stringent rules within the club, that instruct members where we can and can't land. These rules are backed by a three strike system and members are sometimes banned and fined for landing in an area that we have designated as No-Landing. To assist members, we have meticulously drawn up an online map (viewable on this website) of where we can and can't land, and many members have gone to the extent of carrying these maps with them, in-flight, on their GPS units.

In most cases, we choose where we can land, but occasionally and rarely some of us at varying levels of flying expertise, unintentionally land short and may land in an area that a landowner has previously expressed they wish not for pilots to land there. In these instances, members are instructed to fill out an incident report so that we can address the reason why this happened.

If you are a local landowner and have any concerns or suggestions, then we encourage you to contact us via the Contact Administrations page on this website. We would love to hear from you.


CHGC Admin