Parachute Master Class by Angelo Crapanzano, designer of Metamorfosi parachutes and the A in the GAP scoring system, also a designer for Icaro Hang gliders. Filmed on location at the Moyes Delta Gliders (Hang Glider) Factory, Australia. Presented now in memory of Angelo's ultimate designs and life's work.

Information complements but does not replace expert supervision of your current parachute condition and configuration at your clubs annual organised parachute repacking clinic.

Introduction 1

Introduction 2

How designs work

Hang Glider Parachute Deployment 1

Hang Glider Parachute Deployment 2

Hang Glider Parachute Deployment 3

ParaGlider Parachute Deployment 1

ParaGlider Parachute Deployment 2

ParaGlider Parachute Deployment 3

Parachute Repacking

Credits, and special Thanks to HGFA