Canungra Classic 2017


7th to 14th October 2017

FAI Category 2, HGFA AAA Sanctioned Hang Gliding competition 

Open Class, 

Women’s Class, 

Sports Class, 

Fun Class, 

Best of the Rest, 

Veterans awards, 

Most Improved, 

Best Sportsman award.

You can register NOW Airtribune - Canungra Classic 2017

Competition Introduction and entry

This will be the first Hang Gliding competition of the Australian calendar and will be an 8-day, FAI Category 2, HGFA AAA Sanctioned competition. It will be an important competition for those who are wanting to qualify for points towards the Aussie ladder / Team Selection and WPRS points. It will also be an opportunity for aspiring competition pilots to fly with Australia and New Zealand’s best pilots. Overseas pilots are most welcome and will be rewarded with the opportunity of flying one of Australia’s challenging and premier hang gliding sites. 

The focus of the competition this year will be to encourage Novice pilots to embrace the values of competition flying by introducing them to the principles and strategies needed to compete, by offering achievable tasks, and to be supported by other, more experienced competition pilots to the skills of flying one of the most challenging and rewarding places to fly in Australia. 

Headquarters this year will be at the Canungra Hotel. Practice Day: Saturday 7th October. Competition Sunday 8th, everyday to final day Saturday 14th October 2017.

The 2017 Competition has an Entry Fee of AU$300 plus $30 site fee for non-club (CHGC) members. No refunds will be available after the 14th of October.

All Transaction Fees must be paid with any outstanding fees finalised on Comp Registration night. Saturday 7 October.

Payment details will be informed to registered pilots by email.

The entry fee includes:

• Pilot pack (with official comp souvenir)

• Map

• Day prizes

• Presentation dinner

All pilots must be members of the Hang Gliding Federation of Australia for the duration of the competition. 
Please check your membership status BEFORE leaving home. 
Overseas pilots visiting Australia must obtain either a Visiting Pilot membership, (2 months membership for $95), or a Full HGFA membership. 

 You can apply online at the HGFA

Categories and Prizes

Here will be daily award prizes for:
$50 lucky draw prize (must be present at morning briefing to collect) otherwise it will be redrawn)
$50 for achieving 13th place on the previous day 
$50 for pilots making their first goal in a competition
$50 for pilots making their best distance in a competition (limited)
$50 for an outstanding achievement performed on the previous day (at the club’s discretion)

There will be an unlimited cash prize pool for the final winners of the competition with overall prizes awarded at the presentation dinner on the 14th October.

Winning categories will be: Open Class, Women’s Class, Sports Class, Fun Class, Best of the Rest, Veterans awards, Most Improved, Best Sportsman award.
There will also be Club trophies awarded.

General schedule

Saturday, 7 Oct 2017_Practice Day
12:00MD – 7:00pm Official Registration at the Canungra Hotel
7:30pm - Competition opening presentation, opening night activity/vidoes

(8 – 14 Oct 2017 official competition days)

Sunday, 8 Oct 2017
8:00-9:00am - Mandatory Safety Briefing
9:00-9:30am - Pilot Briefing

Monday night, 9 Oct 2017
7:30pm - Quiz Night

Wednesday night, 11 Oct 2017
7:30pm - Red Faces

Saturday, 14 Oct 2017
7:30pm - Prize Giving and Closing Ceremony

Daily schedule

Sunday, 8 Oct 2017 

8:00-9:00am - Mandatory Safety Briefing 

 9:00-9:30am - Pilot Briefing

Mon, 9 Oct to Sat 14 Oct 2017

8:30-9:00am - Pilot Briefing (unless otherwise advised)



  • Entertainment
    • Davo
  • Organiser
    • Tony G.

Please read information and attempt self help to minimise telephone / email traffic where information is provided. If your thoughts are not already covered in the information, feel free to utilise contacts listed on: Airtribune - Canungra Classic info 2017  

Accommodation and Activities

Please read accommodation information listed on: Canungra Hang Gliding Club - Welcome 


Airtribune - Canungra Classic 2017

The time tested truth is come flying for Fun with many pilots whom are locals and others talented pilots from all around the world, including the best in the world and regardless of your experience you will learn more in one week at a competition just flying for fun than you will ever learn free flying in one year. Flying with friends old and new, and each day after flying you just have to go check in that your safe and all's good by seeing the scorer at headquarters - the pub. Good flying. Good friends, Good food. Good entertainment. Good times. Fly high, fly far, and safe landings, Damian.

General schedule

Saturday, 7 Oct 2017_Practice Day

Qld Paragliding Championship

PG JT xc

The 6th round of the Qld Paragliding Championships are on this weekend.  24th & 25th June 2017  

Saturday looks like light winds for a Tamborine task


A further briefing and weather update will be sent out by email on Friday.   


Saturday Location: Canungra 

Meeting Place: Hall Carpark

Time 9.30AM


How did you go?

The true believers turned up today – not even one naysayer  J


Thank-you task committee.  You tried gallantly to set an achievable task, despite the stable winter conditions. 


Launch conditions today were safe for all pilot skill levels, and most of us had a chance to blow out the cobwebs which have collected over the past many weeks of abstinence, test out new wings or harnesses with some gentle ridge soaring.  


Hopefully tomorrow, we see improved XC conditions at Tamborine launch.   


Sunday Location: Canungra 

Meeting Place: Hall Carpark

Time 10:00am

Other Details


Unless we have some volunteer drivers, we will need to manage amongst ourselves. No one will be left out without a retrieve at the end of the day. We ask that if you get back to your car –  see who else might be on the ground and need a pickup. 


All pilot contact details and “status” can be accessed with your login at will also be using the WhatsApp group for real-time communication on the day for pickups and coordination. This has been working very well to-date.    

Pilots who have participated in the Queensland Championships before will shortly receive an email from the safety registration system ( ) . To register your interest just click the link to automatically register for each round.

For new pilots simply complete the registration at and you will then be automatically registered for th first round and then  receive all competition information emails for each subsequent round.  

The safety registration system ( has been established to help support the organisation of local events - specifically the formal pilot registration and daily check in and check-back process. 



VHF Radio Course

Pilots looking to spread your wings and further your flying freedom with pilot ratings PG4 or HG intermediate, You require HGFA VHF Airband Radio Operators Endorsement. Next VHF radio course:

Date:  Wednesday June 28th 
Time: 7:00pm
Location:  Canungra area.  
Cost $30 per person.  

If interested in attending theory and practical course, along with receiving pre-reading course study notes; Email Phil Hystek Chief Flying Instructor  PARAGLIDING QUEENSLAND

Dalby Hang Gliding

Dalby Hang Gliding  freeflying, at Dalby Aerodrome 17th and 18th June 2017

Aerotow rated Hang glider pilots. $30 / tow. Wide open plains. 


[Likely Pub dinner Saturday 17th. Some pilots else where: Kingaroysoaring AGM]

CHGC Weather/Other-Sites - Dalby

Aerotows by Bruce Almighty, Smokey, Blaino. Coastal rain this last fortnight, the rain doesn't get over the great dividing range. For Sunshine - go west.

image courtesy of DDSC (Gliding Club) web cam, Jondaryan. 30km East of Dalby Aerodrome.

Flight Safety

 Thought this could be relevant!


CHGC President

Accident Review Committee
Mid-Air Incidents

Dear Member:

Welcome to the second edition of the USHPA Accident Review Committee Outreach for 2017. Our first outreach was very well-received, with a lot of great feedback. We have a new round of information for you and we hope that you find it to be useful.

Mid-Air Incidents: A Recent Trend

Several mid air incidents have occurred with some unusual and remarkable commonalities.There have been incidents of mid airs when only a few people were flying.There have been some incidents where both parties were actually quite familiar with one another (friends, family, or familiar outside of flying).

We’d like to remind all pilots that it is easy to become complacent when the site is not crowded (or less crowded than usual). It is also worth noting that there is a certain strange attraction between pilots who are friends, or who are learning together.Various situations present an increased risk of mid air contact: husband and wife are flying together, parent and child are both aloft, a student shares the air with their instructor (especially for the first time), or any situation involving cameras.

Avoiding Mid-Air Incidents
In an effort to avoid any of these pitfalls, when you are flying with friends, family, or your instructor/student you might want to make extra effort to stay in separate airspace.We remind pilots to take care when it is not crowded, as well as when it is crowded. There is also an added risk for pilots who are flying with cameras, trying to get that extra special shot. Keeping an eye out for a photo opportunity could be distracting, and looking through a viewfinder can reduce one's overall situational awareness.

Formation flying should be avoided in general.If it is contemplated, then it should theoretically be done by advanced pilots in very favorable conditions with prior communication, planning, and explicit consent by both parties. Pilots should always make sure that all parties can fly away from the formation easily and safely if they become uncomfortable at any point. No other pilots in the air should be in harm’s way as a result of a few pilots wanting to fly close to each other.

Assessing and Mitigating the Risk
Finally, we remind pilots to ask themselves: is the risk of flying with a lot of traffic really worth it? How would you feel if you had a mid air accident at a crowded ridge just trying to win the daily sink-out contest or eke out a few extra minutes of flight time?

Please remember to use common, recommended practices forclear communication, like yelling “clear” or “launching” before taking off. Follow the ridge rules knowing that most ridge flying environments are three-dimensional, and that all pilots need to be flexible with the ridge rules:see and avoid! Be aware of all of the people in the air with you, and alwaysindicate your intention to turnby looking, tilting your head, leaning, etc. to give everyone sufficient warning before executing on your actual turn.Don’t be afraid to yell. Have some words on the tip of your tongue - something like “look out” , “heads up”, “on your right.” It’s worth knowing that as soon as one person yells in traffic, all the people flying at that time will start paying more attention. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s yelling so don’t be afraid to kick your feet or somehow identify yourself as the one who is uncomfortable.

If you need to make a course correction to avoid a traffic conflict, please do it early. Most near miss accounts include at least one party having recognized the situation quite early, but then waiting to take corrective action until it was quite late.

Help Us Help You
As always, we welcome your feedback on these subjects and we encourage you to reportallincidents and accidents. This information is gathered for statistical analysis, and so that we can identify trends that are worth pointing out to the pilot population.The only acceptable goal for this season is zero mid airs.

Chris Santacroce & Mitch Shipley
USHPA Accident Review Committee Co-Chairs

What's ON - Weekend 10th 11th June 2017

Looks like another weekend of South winds this weekend.   If the forecast rain stays away, then Hinchies South may well be the place to be for flying.  

Just a note on the use of Hinchies and Hinchies South. 

There is another MTB DH event this weekend.    

If pilots choose to go up Hinchies tomorrow then you will need to work in with the MTB shuttle bus.  Wait at the first gate on Toe Hold Rd for the shuttle and drive up in convoy with the shuttle.   The same applies to any vehicle coming down the hill.   If the MTB organiser has the barricades on launch, maybe you can ask politely if they can move them slightly to the North so as to avoid any conflict.  

If pilots want to use the South launch (thanks Jason for clearing)

To Fly Hinchies South Launch, You MUST contact Senior Safety Officer SSO -  Phil Hystek

  know before you take any gliders onto the site.  You can walk over there to check if it’s on, but you must let SSO Phil know as liaison with the land owners. This is imperative as the owners will ban us from the site if this is not done.  The owners are very friendly, but need to know if anyone is going to fly from their site.  

No land owners permission, no fly zone.



Enjoy your weekend and safe flying.  

Canungra Classic 2017

Save the Dates 7th to 14th October 2017

More info to come: Tony G.

Airtribune - Canungra Classic info  Canungra  2016 

Club General Meeting

Our next CHGC General Meeting is on Saturday 3rd June in the Club House. It would be wonderful to see you all there.
Thank you to those who said that they would come and help with breakfast preparation and clean up. We could use a few more volunteers. If you could be there around 7:30am, that would be awesome.

Serving Breakfast 8am  Breakfast will include: Bacon and Egg Wraps (or just egg for the vegetarians), Cereal and Milk. So come along and grab a bite to eat before the meeting. 

General Meeting 8:30am, Saturday 3rd June 2017

What's on - Weekend 3rd & 4th June2017

The 5th round of the Qld Paragliding Championships are on this weekend.  Saturday looks a bit windy at this stage from the S/SE. Sunday looks lighter. 


There has been a new S/SE launch established at Ma Ma creek (Gatton). However, with the CHGC General meeting on Saturday, Canungra will be the nominated site. Ma Ma may be a consideration for Sunday if the outlook is  still windy.    


A further briefing and weather update will be sent out by email on Friday.   


Saturday Location: Canungra 

Meeting Place: TBA

Time TBA


Other Details


Unless we have some volunteer drivers, we will need to manage amongst ourselves. No one will be left out without a retrieve at the end of the day. We ask that if you get back to your car –  see who else might be on the ground and need a pickup. 


All pilot contact details and “status” can be accessed with your login at will also be using the WhatsApp group for real-time communication on the day for pickups and coordination. This has been working very well to-date.    

Pilots who have participated in the Queensland Championships before will shortly receive an email from the safety registration system ( ) . To register your interest just click the link to automatically register for each round.

For new pilots simply complete the registration at and you will then be automatically registered for th first round and then  receive all competition information emails for each subsequent round.  

The safety registration system ( has been established to help support the organisation of local events - specifically the formal pilot registration and daily check in and check-back process. 







There will be a major MTB DH event happening this weekend June 3-4 at Hinchies (launch) property.   The SEQ DH Round 2 will take place on Sunday with practice on Saturday.   There will be a lot of traffic on the road up to launch (the start location of the DH track) 

The property owner has asked that if anyone uses the Hinchcliffe launch, that we must work in with the MTB shuttle bus so as to avoid any possible  head-on congestion on the road up. So if anyone wishes to go up to launch please do the following. 
1/. Car pool to the max.   Given the amount of people, bikes and traffic on the launch area, we really want to have the absolute minimum number of vehicles on launch. 
2/.  Wait at the first gate (unlocked one at the top of Toe Holt Rd) for the shuttle bus to drive up and go up in convoy with them. 
3/.  Don’t take vehicles onto launch unless absolutely needed there.  Best to leave vehicles on the western side of the last gate. 
4/.  Be mindful of not taking up to much space on launch with gliders when bikes are wanting to start their ride.   

Thanks a lot for your understanding about this.    We don’t want the MTB organisers to complain to John about any thoughtless actions by CHGC members.   It wouldn’t take a lot for us to loose on of the areas prime sites. 



Canungra Cup 2017

Canungra Cup 2017 Registration (opens 22nd May 2017) Airtribune21st to 28th October 2017   

PLEASE take note, this year [2017] we will have a priority entry system for Australian pilots. Rego will open 22/5. The top 50 Australian from the previous season will be invited to pay and be confirmed for the comp. the top 50 Aussie pilots have until the 3rd of July to pay in order to confirm there place, after this the remaining places are open to all other pilots where payment guarantees there place provided they placed within the 80 places available. 5 wild cards will also be available.

The Competition has an early bird Entry Fee of AU$430 until the 20th September. After the 20th September the Fee increases to AU$480 The fee for CHGC members is AU$ 400 and AU$ 450 after the early bird date. No refunds will be available after the 20th of September.

All Transaction Fees must be paid with any outstanding fees finalised on Comp Registration night. 

Payment details will be informed to registered pilots by email.

The entry fee includes

• Lifts up to the hill for the 8 days of the event
• Retrieves for the 8 days of the event
• Brisbane Airport transfers (Arrival Friday and drop off Sunday)
• Please note: at this stage Brisbane Airport service only but we will endeavor to set up a Gold coast airport service also, TBA
• Excursions organised on non-flying days
• Site fees, $30 for 2 weeks.
• Pilot pack, (official comp souvenir),
• Map,
• Day prizes,
• Presentation dinner

HGFA - MEMBERSHIP All pilots must be members of the Hang Gliding Federation of Australia for the duration of the event. Please check your membership status BEFORE leaving home. Overseas visiting pilots to Australia will need to obtain a Visiting Pilot Membership
Visiting pilots have the option of taking out either a full HGFA membership or Visiting Pilot Membership (VPM). The min VPM is 2 months $ 95 . HGFA Visiting Pilot Membership Form HGFA Waiver Form
Please read the following Waiver Information & General Information if you are a visiting Pilot.

All pilots must hold IPPI PARA PRO 4 rating, or the minimum of an (HGFA) Intermediate or PG 3 Paragliding rating with at least 50 hours of inland flying experience. Spring in SE Queensland can produce demanding flying conditions which may be unsuitable for inexperienced pilots. EN A gliders are also not acceptable for this event.

Canungra Cup 2017 Registration Airtribune

Flying Decisions. Golden Gate of Good Advice to FLY SAFE.

Photograph - Walt Nielson

I just wanted to pass along this message that is relevant to all pilots


CHGC President.

[Flying Legend and formerly Chief Flying Instructor -  Fort Funston.]

A Friendly Reminder from the Accident Review Committee

Dear Member:

We are taking a moment to reach out to you today on the subject of Spring flying and our ultimate goal of helping you to enjoy free flying over the decades. Each year, we all dust off our flying equipment and spread our wings. It’s a joyous time and nothing quite compares to getting back in the air after a hiatus.

Thankfully, we have our instructors and our community to help us to get re-current. Reserve repacks, cautionary posts on social media, and friends helping friends to exercise restraint get juxtaposed against our starry-eyed and sometimes misguided ambition for personal bests.

Of course, free flying is a ruthless judge. The pursuit challenges us to avoid common pitfalls, to exercise restraint and to make sure that our shortcomings don’t define us.Yet there lies the heart of our current challenge. It’s springtime and the usual scenarios are unfolding across the country. Pilots are showing up at their sites, and in many cases flying in conditions that are too strong. Thankfully, other pilots chime in with their opinions about the flyability of the day and caution others to stand down. In most cases, admonished pilots will indeed stand down and thank whoever had seen fit to help them stay out of harm’s way. It’s a beautiful gesture, and it is a cornerstone of our free flying community.

Here’s the crux. In several recent cases, pilots have chosen to fly despite the good advice of their fellow pilots. In several recent and specific cases, the results have been bad, even tragic.

We urge you to please be selective about the air you fly in, revisit the operating limitations for your rating, confer with your local mentors when assessing conditions, and when someone goes out of their way to try and help you avoid making a bad decision, please listen, take heed and stand down. Asking a fellow pilot to stand down is probably the kindest thing that a person can do for another. If you see someone about to make a bad decision, say something.

Thank you in advance for factoring this into your decision-making. We encourage you to share this message and we welcome your feedback on the subject. Realizing that accidents do happen, we still feel that the only acceptable goal is an accident free season. We would like to challenge every member to assess their decisions on a moment to moment basis.

Chris Santacroce & Mitch Shipley
USHPA Accident Review Committee Co-Chairs

USHPA Accident Review Committee Spring Outreach Reminder

This is an official periodic E-Newsletter of the USHPA. The intent is to provide members with information pertaining to the organization and other aspects of the free flight community.

Wingsurfers, Fort Funston

Qld Paragliding Championships

PG JT xc

The 4th round of the Qld Paragliding Championships are on this weekend.  

13th & 14th May 2017  

Saturday looks to be the better day. Sunday is Mothers Day - Sorry about that.  Maybe you can bring Mum along :? Tandem flights on Mothers Day - share your love of flying with the ones you love.


A further briefing and weather update will be sent out by email on Friday.   


Location: Canungra 

Meeting Place: Hall Carpark

Time: 9.30am


Other Details


Unless we have some volunteer (Mums) drivers, we will need to manage amongst ourselves. No one will be left out without a retrieve at the end of the day. We ask that if you get back to your car –  see who else might be on the ground and need a pickup. 


All pilot contact details and “status” can be accessed with your login at will also be using the WhatsApp group for real-time communication on the day for pickups and coordination. This has been working very well to-date.    

Pilots who have participated in the Queensland Championships before will shortly receive an email from the safety registration system ( ) . To register your interest just click the link to automatically register for each round.

For new pilots simply complete the registration at and you will then be automatically registered for th first round and then  receive all competition information emails for each subsequent round.  

The safety registration system ( has been established to help support the organisation of local events - specifically the formal pilot registration and daily check in and check-back process. 



Night Visual Flight Rules

Wolfi fly .com

Beechmont Launch only Area

New updated information. Please refer to /Flying/Beechmont/ and select "Flying" tab section; regarding Beechmont Launch only area. 

Dalby Hang Gliding

Dalby Hang Gliding  freeflying, at Dalby Aerodrome Long weekend 29th and 30th April and 1st May day 2017

Aerotow $30 to thermals 2,000ft+ AGL. Big Air and Big Distance flights with open plains farming landing options as far as the eye can see.  Priceless! 

Dalby is called for next long weekend  29th 30th 1st
If you are coming let me know as we need to arrange for enough tug pilots.

Letuce Capture U Photography - Lester Baird.

Queensland Paragliding Championships

PG JT xc


The forecast is looking fair for Saturday and better for Sunday. 


Meeting Place – Opposite Hall Car Park (Nerang side of Outpost Café)

Leaving Time Sat 9:30

Car Pool to (probably Beechmont or Hinchies)


Queensland Paragliding Championships


Past and future round dates are included below.


Unless we have some volunteer drivers, we will need to manage amongst ourselves. No one will be left out without a retrieve at the end of the day. We ask that if you get back to your car –  see who else might be on the ground and need a pickup.  


All pilot contact details and “status” can be accessed with your login at

Pilots who have participated in the Queensland Championships before will shortly receive an email from the safety registration system ( ) . To register your interest just click the link to automatically register for each round.

For new pilots simply complete the registration at and you will then be automatically registered and then  receive all competition information emails for each subsequent round.  

The safety registration system ( has been established to help support the organisation of local events - specifically the pilot registration and daily check in and check-back process. This will be used in conjunction with the WhatsApp group.  








CHGC - Map Waypoints and Airspace: download files from Flying / Map


Dalby Big Air 2017

Dalby Big Air  9 to 15 April 2017

Letuce Capture U Photography - Lester Baird.

DalbyBigAir logo

Big open plains gliding the farming flat lands and big air of Darling Downs, Queensland. About 225km by road West of Brisbane Airport , and about 78km down the road from Toowoomba's new private built international "Brisbane West - Wellcamp Airport"

"Dalby provides BIG, smooth thermals over flat lands. A relatively relaxed comp with statistically EPIC racing conditions, no landing area concerns, smooth (aero)tow conditions and generally cumulus clouded skies – so, yeah, you should be here!” [Dave May]

The skies are as good as it gets. Epic flying in 2016 Australian sailplane Gliding National Championships results hosted by Kingaroy Soaring Club

Dalby Big Air - Hang Gliding Competition has Sanctions: FAI Cat2, Open Class AA, Sport Class AA. Registrations close at midnight on Saturday 11th March, 2017. Free flyers welcome. Aerotow Launch before or after competition launch times. $30/Tow 2000ft+. Wind tech or free fly. Come fly one day or many. Heaps of drivers, for you to organise pick up. Come Fly big air.

Dalby 2017 on TV News WinNEWS local TV video

Birchip - Flatter than the Flatlands 14 to 17 April 2017

Birchip, Victoria. Hang Glider pilots are invited to the 25th consecutive Flatter than the Flatlands cross country towing competition. The event will be conducted over the four day Easter long weekend. Entry fee includes daily prizes, presentation BBQ, scoring, goal beers and lots of fun. GPS and parachute required. Discount available for teams with a first time pilot. Birchip Organiser  

FlyManilla PG Easter

Paragliding State of Origin 17
Mt Borah, Manilla NSW. For The Novice (P2), it’s a great way to get  into Comp and XC flying in a fun & safe way.  It’s about the promotion of Skills and Safely. The Comp is based on Flying Crews(5 pilot teams, 1 Adv. & 2 P2 pilots & then 2 other Pilots)

 Handicapping is used for scoring. (see Pilot pack)

Reserve, UHF Radio and at least 3 hours XC / Thermalling experience.

Comp Fee $30.00. Early bird discount fee $20.00 (Registering before 01/04/17)

Contact; James T. [refer Register contact]

Things will be very busy down in Manilla on Thursday and through the weekend. Preparing stuff before you get to Manilla will help reduce the stress.


Make sure you bring the manuals for your radios, vario, GPS (especially if you do not know how to change settings)

Have everything fully charged BEFORE you drive down.

Load the Manilla waypoints into your GPS before you come down.

or [ Link not working: Contact Martin  ] file - (Maps with waypoints on them)


Getting to Manilla:

There are a few different ways to drive down. If you are driving around dusk or at night be VERY carefull of Skippys. They are everywhere.
Also, don't speed, there are Cops everywhere aswell. They love hanging around the small towns and pinging people speeding. Being Easter, Double fines and Points will apply!


The best map to get is the NRMA Road Map of the area. It has all the little dirt tracks which can be handy.


Telstra has the best coverage. Optus is a close second. You may struggle with other networks.


On the hill there is a Toilet. That's it nothing else. Bring enough food and water to get you sorted throughout the day.

Basher rides from the bombout to launch will be running (they are usually $7 per ride). They will more than likely run from HQ in the morning up the hill aswell. (save taking your car up the hill)

HQ (Godfreys) has toilets and bar for visitors. Campers have access to pool aswell. There are two harness hangers at HQ aswell if you need to fine tune your harness.


The local club is 'The Manilla Sky Sailors'.  Club fees are either $20 or $25 (This is normally paid to the Basher driver, Lucas. For this event, someone else maybe be at HQ to collect this from you.)
The event costs (see above) .. payable either Thursday evening or first up Friday morning.
Food , accom and XC retrieve are your responsibility.


Remember, EVERYTHING is shut on friday! Make sure you have enough food and drink to get you through until atleast Saturday.

Timetable: HQ

Thursday:  17:00 - Registration at HQ (Godfrey's) 
                     19:00 - Briefing for Novices about State of Origin (MANDATORY) - If can't make this one, it will be given again at 8am friday.

Friday:        8am  -  Registration for the late punters. Mandatory briefing if you couldn't make it thursday night.
                     8:30am - Weather briefing and daily schedule - HQ 
Saturday:   10am - Briefing

Sunday:     10am - Briefing


                  20:00 ish - Presentation. SWANN Catering $25pp  and entertainment by Singer/Song writer  Kristy Coote!

Educational talks will be held each evening from 19:00


In past years we have used a system to communicate/report where we are when we are flying. If you have a GPS, before you launch program a 'GO TO' "BORAH" (launch). As you fly away XC  the GO TO will tell you how far away from launch you are. Easy then to report on the radio " This is Brandon, 22km north of launch, 2000 metres, gliding north. It may be that an advanced pilot is very close to you (but doesn't recognise your wing) and can come and hook up with you and help you along.


Generally we have formed teams Thursday night or friday morning when we know who has turned up. Idea is to get one Advanced Pilot with two intermediates and two Novice. If you want to form a team before you come down, then no problem... or just wait until Thursday/Friday.

Look forward to catching up and sharing some fun flying with you all.


Lofty :)

ps. If any of the advance pilots want to add to the above feel free. Sure I've missed something.

So how was it?

With about 120 pilots registered, the 25 member QLD team (99% CHGC Members) pulled together and revelled in great conditions for novice pilots throughout the weekend. Cloudbases above 2400m asl were enjoyed with some silky smooth thermals.

Aerotowing Hang Gliding Weekend training for Dalby Competition

Dalby Hang Gliding  freeflying, at Dalby Aerodrome 25th and 26th March 2017

A Dalby weekend has been called for the 25th & 26th of March. Are you Coming ??
[Weather update 24th march 2017;] Dalby is all go this weekend, see you there..



Aerotow $30 to thermals 2,000ft+ AGL

Home of Dalby Big Air - Organisers Bruce almighty and the lovely Annie welcomes Free Flying pilots, for one day or as many as you like during the competition week /  Easter holidays 8-15 April 2017, launching before or after the race field. And outside race start times. Limited only by dragonfly aerotow aircraft & their tug pilots discretions. $30 per aerotow for non competition free flyers. And there will also be a relaxed social Sailplane gliding regatta occurring over Easter holidays as well just down the road, so there will be no shortage of thermal indicators across the Darling Downs to help you fly high, fly far, and may you land safe. Damian.

Club Meetings


General Meeting

When: Saturday 11th March 2017

Time: 6pm

Venue: CHGC Clubhouse, Wagonwheel Rd., Boyland

The main topic of this meeting will be the top landing at Beechmont

Club T-Shirts and Polo Shirts will be available for sale before the meeting ($30 for t-shirts, $35 for polos)

The Club will be providing a BBQ dinner after the meeting so bring along some drinks and hang around for a good get-together after the meeting.

General Meeting

When: Saturday 3rd June 2017

Time: 8:30am

Venue: CHGC Clubhouse, Wagonwheel Rd., Boyland

Breakfast will be provided after the meeting


Annual General Meeting

When: Saturday 9th September 2017

Venue: CHGC Clubhouse, Wagonwheel Rd., Boyland

Breakfast will be provided after the meeting


We look forward to seeing each and every one of you at these meetings.


Happy and safe flying.

FAI - Airspace: Barometric altitude

FAI Hang Gliding & Paragliding Commission (CIVL) Minutes of the Plenary Meeting, Salzburg, Austria 4 and 5 February, 2017 

Altitude measurements concerning airspace.

Section 7A 4.1 

New rule:
"Only flight recording devices that record both GPS and the International Standard Atmosphere pressure altitude (QNE) in the track log are allowed for scoring. It must not be possible to modify the barometric altitude once track log recording has started. Flights will be verified using either GPS track log or live- tracking data. When live-tracking data is used as a primary source of scoring, pilots must be able to produce GPS track logs as a back-up. The FAI has the right to use all data collected in 1st Category events, including track logs, and may publish such data."

Section 7A - 4.4.5 

New rule:
"... Airspace violation checks rely primarily on the barometric altitude as recorded on the flight instrument tracklog (the International Standard Atmosphere pressure altitude QNE) and then when necessary corrected by the scoring software for the pressure conditions of the task (QNH). Pilots may submit a GPS altitude log as a backup log only in case of problems with the primary barometric log."

"Penalties for Airspace restrictions infringements."

Section 7A - 6.3

New rule:

"As an aid to competitors and when reasonably possible with the scoring system, pilots that fly closer than 100m vertically or horizontally to prohibited airspace will be listed in the scores for each task without penalty."


The Steward for the Brasilia worlds will formulate specifics of a 100 metre ‘buffer zone’ with graduated penalty provisions, to be approved by HG committee and Bureau and then included in the local regulations. The plenary accepted that the local regulations supersede Section 7A on this matter.

Compete document reference:

Queensland Paragliding (club) Championships 2017

The Queensland Paragliding (club) Championships are back for 2017. The Queensland Championships are founded in a tradition enjoyed by both new and experience cross country pilots. This year we will focus not only on introducing new pilots to flying cross country tasks, but also to hone the racing skills of our Australian Paragliding Ladder pilots. I look forward to your participation this year. 


The format will be a bit different this year. 


The champion will be decided over a number of weekend rounds Starting 3/4 March, then a round roughly 3 weeks apart, and concluding (but including) the Canungra Cup. 

The location/site of each round will be proposed by the organisers in the week leading up to that round. Although Canungra will be preferred option, sites to be considered by the organisers may also include Toowoomba, Killarney, and Northcoast. The rounds prior the Canungra Cup will be scored with 50% FTV .. which means that only your best 50% scores will count. Your preliminary round sore will be added to your Canungra Cup score.


We will be providing a loosely organised retrieve system for each round similar to that pioneered in the recent Northern Summer Series. 


Rounds may be held at any of our South East Queensland sites. 




4-5         March

25-26     March

22-23     April

13-14     May

3-4         June

24-25     June

15-16     July

1-2         September

23-24     September

7-8         October

21-22     October


Ian McFarlane will be assisted by a number of experienced local pilots this year to coordinate the rounds and tasks. 


Pilots who have participated in the Queensland Championships before will shortly receive an email from the safety registration system ( ) . To register your interest just click the link to automatically register for each round.


For new pilots simply complete the registration at and you will then be automatically registered for th first round and then  receive all competition information emails for each subsequent round.  


The safety registration system ( has been established to help support the organisation of local events - specifically the pilot registration and daily check in and check-back process. 



Ian Mcfarlane

Fields of Gold

WA State Hang Gliding Championships 25 February to 4 March 2017


"Flatland flying in the Western Australian wheat belt is as good as anywhere else in Australia, including Forbes or Dalby. Westonia is a great little wheat belt town with a pub, pool, bowling green and recreation centre which was used as competition headquarters. The town has everything we needed for a comp. And also blessed by the weather gods. Enjoy cloudbases of nine grand with cumulus clouds to mark our thermals, and on other days things can be more challenging, with blue conditions and thermals to only five or six grand. The comp has everything – great weather, plenty of PBs and first XCs for novice and intermediate pilots. And flying with eagles. See you there." [Richard Breyley]

No other competition in Australia offers so much for only a small entry fee. The flying in the last few years has been great with plenty of airtime, Personal Best flights and big cross country miles.

In 2017 the comps will again have an “A” sanction. What does this mean to you? If you just fly for the fun of it, absolutely nothing. It’s still the same fun comp as last year. If like to check out your place on the Australian ladder, you will get a few more points.

Western Australia is where the ground is is made up of gold bullion, forward thinking institutions, there's more women than men, and it's no big secret that the girls are really gorgeous, beautiful, and so friendly, without the east coast big city gold digger attitude. You'll never never know, if you never never go. Good times!
WA State Hang Gliding Championships

WA State Hang Gliding Championships Results 2017

Hang Gliding Manilla 2017

2017 NSW HG State Titles 19 to 25 February 2017

Mt Borah, Manilla, NSW. AA grade HG comp, held each February in Manilla, Australia’s premier mountain launch XC soaring site. Practice day: 18 Feb (with a possible XC Clinic run on 16­-18 Feb). The comp attracts the best of the best from Australia and around the world, so is the ideal site for up and coming pilots to learn from those at the top of the game. It is also the ideal comp for newer pilots wishing to fly big air.

NSW State Titles Hang Gliding Championships - Manilla 2017 Results

Manilla Drone videos everyone launch

Paragliding Manilla - State of Origin 2017

the Pre Registration is now open for the best Novice Comp in Australia. Paragliding State of Origin is a great way to get into Competition and XC flying.

Date: Easter - April 14-16 2017
Location: Mt Borah, Manilla NSW. 

If you have never been to Manilla, Easter is a good time to go. The conditions have mellowed down but there is still plenty of lift to have a good, awesome or PB flight.

Here is a Facebook Group if you want to check some pictures.

The Comp is based on Flying Crews (5 pilot teams, 1 Advanced. & 2 Novice pilots & then 2 other Pilots). The team will score the most if the advance and intermediate pilots are able to drag the novice pilots with them as far as possible. As a novice pilot you will receive a lot of attention from your advanced and intermediate pilots.

Handicapping is used for scoring.
Novice = distance * 3
Intermediate = distance * 2
Advance = distance * 1

Reserve, UHF Radio and at least 3 hours XC Flights are required. XC course recommended. Comp Fee $20.00. 

It's all about having fun, learning something new and staying safe. As long as QLD wins ;-)

Martin Havel

Aircraft Maintenance


Look after your wings, and they will look after you. 

Aircraft maintenance is due for regular checks. Most well known for all aircraft is the "Aircraft Annual inspection or 100 hours whichever occurs first".

Follow your flying equipment Manufacturers Manual. 

For example: Hang gliders; Moyes Delta Gliders : LiteSpeed RX Owners Manual and Litesport Owners Manual

(Both manuals: pages33 paragraph2, bullet point 6) "Replace lower side wires every 50 hours or 6 months."
Gecko Owners Manual page32 - Replace (flying) side wires every 100hours or 12months.
Check your equipment owners manual.

Moyes is having a special this week [8 Feb 2017] on side wires. If you haven't changed yours in the last year or two it would be a good time to do it. Please feel free to send a text message or email if you would like some.

Contact Jonny Durand.

Members log in for contact info.

For Paragliders check your manufacturers manual. Seek advice from others. Such as contacting your instructor. For example, Phil has skills and equipment for paraglider servicing and testing including para material porosity testing.


FlyManilla - XC Camp


Fly Manilla - XC Camp 4-11 February 2017

The MANILLA XC CAMP 2017 is a FREE event for XC pilots of all levels.

Fly as far as you can!

Free Site briefings and general info. 

Contact Lofty for hot tips to fly better.


See you at camp ground at HQ. (Godfrey's) 

for the week

Golden Anniversary

Bill Moyes 

50 years of Hang Gliding

Learning to Fly

If you have every dreamt of flying, give it a go. It's awesome. Your pilot journey begins with learning to fly course. You should start by contacting Local Instructors 

For the special occasion for you or someone you love, try an introduction with a tandem flight. What's your New Years resolution? Go on. Just DO IT.

Weekend Away

Dalby Hang Gliding  freeflying, and Airtribune - SE Qld HG League Dalby 28th and 29th January 2017

Aerotow $30 to thermals 2,000ft+ AGL. Home of Dalby Big Air

Letuce Capture U Photography - Lester Baird.

CHGC T-shirts & Polo Shirts

Live streaming video - WGC2017

Live streaming video and live tracking coverage for the last day World Gliding Championships 2017: Cockpit cameras and live tracking. [The shape of things to come for Hang Gliding and Paragliding Competitions.]  Weather lady reports: Awful stable blue day will be interesting.

Also check out video recording at World Gliding Championships of crowded gaggle flying Inspired by the Hitchcock film - The Birds.

Flying Sites - updates & Ch-ch-changes

CHGC Flying Sites information, Map with waypoints, and Airspace information are constantly evolving. And ongoing contributions by every pilot continue to be warmly welcome for collective benefit to all. Please check for updates before you fly, so you have the latest current information as recent changes may have occurred that affect you. With safety in mind, flying sites Information is provided to assist your flight preparation knowledge to be as best you can be. With a sense of humor, some say, "As flash as a rat with a gold tooth."

Oxygen Systems - Special

Oxygen MH We are celebrating the World Gliding Championships in Benalla with Special Pricing on OXYGEN SYSTEMS.

10% Discount on Mountain High Oxygen systems. 

This offer is through till the end of the comp on the 22nd January 2017


Cheers, Al


Go Soaring - Why should the birds have all the fun!

FlySkyHy iPhone App - Airspace Map updates


11 January 2017

Attention to all Flyskyhy iPhone app users,

With co-operation of the developer from flyskyhy, Jan Bennewitz, Karl Texler and myself, Jeanine Glasson.

We have just gone though the process of updating all mapping zones relevant to our sport. 


Next time you turn on flyskyhy you will see new colours appear on maps which are highly likely to be irrational, the reason being I have changed the zoning under airspaces as those listed below.

We suggest you edit your colour preferences. I have included recommended fills making it easier to program but do as you desire.


GP (Gliders prohibited) 
No landing zones
Recommended - Red fill

Other - LZ 
Landing zones
Recommended - Green fill.

R Restricted 
Emergency landings: 
Recommended - Purple fill.

P Prohibited
Recommended - Black fill.

F Class
VHF radio required
10NM Radius circle
Label incl. Name CTAF frequency (during alarm)
Recommended - Purple fill

G Class
CTAF's - no VHF required
2NM Radius circle
Label incl. Name, CTAF frequency (during alarm)
Recommended - Green fill

Kind regards

Paragliding - 2017 Events

Bright Open and Pre PWC 14-20 January 2017

The Bright Open, FAI Cat 2, an Australian 7 day XC race paragliding competition and Pre PWC.
Based around the Mystic Flight Park in Bright, Victoria. This is the most popular Victorian Inland Site and has hosted numerous state, national competitions including a Paragliding World Cup event in 1998.

Corryong PG Open  22-28 January 2017

Welcome to the Corryong Paragliding Open 2017 and thanks for your interest in flying and competing at the best Alpine flying site in Australia, the mighty Mt Elliot. For those unfamiliar with the area, Corryong is located just a few thermal glides from Mt Kosciuszko the highest mountain in Australia where historically the very first Australian Paragliding Nationals were hosted not far from here in Thredbo 1990. Back then the first competition task was flown from the top of Mt Kosciuszko at 2200 metres. From on top of Mt Elliot you can see the Western face of the Main Range and in the early Spring and late Autumn its peaks are often still covered in snow. The Corryong Open is a high level AAA/CAT2 competition with 450 WPRS Points available, it's sanctioned by the HGFA and aimed at experienced inland intermediate to advanced rated pilots. If you fit this category of pilot we would love for you to come fly with us and experience the magic of flying cross country in Corryong. The Corryong open is the final AAA event of the Australian season and is therefore a pilots last chance to gain Ladder and team ladder points. Important info : Pilots are required for arrange there own retrieve drivers, A list of drivers will be sourced. VHF License is mandatory and is up to the pilot to bring your own.

FlyDubbo   About 22-28 January 2017 

Phil Mansell will be towing around Dubbo for those that missed out on Corryong and had already time allocated for flying during that time.

Flying tours with Phil   2017

Paragliding Guided Tours with Phil Hystek 

Fly New Zealand  28 January 2017 - 04 February  and 05 February - 12 February  and 13 February  - 20 February 2017

Europe Swiss & French Alps (Annecy, Interlaken, "The Coupe Icare” at Saint Hilaire) - contact for future dates. 

Fly Iceland and Norway  28 June 2017 - 08 July and 08 July - 16 July 2017

Hang Gliding - Forbes 2017 & Corryong Cup

Forbes Flatlands HG Championships 30 December 2016 to 6 January 2017

Peak Pictures : portfolio - Michael Zupanc

Sanctions: FAI Cat2, Open Class AAA, Sport Class AA. Practice towing: 28 and 29 December 2016. Moyes together with the Sydney Hang Gliding Club are proud to announce the dates for the 11th consecutive Forbes Flatlands competition!

How good is Forbes? Bill Moyes has special secret fuel mix for Dragonfly aerotow launches. Flying Tasks further than FAI Diamond badge distance with about 80% pilots in goal. AAA points ... go to Brazil World Champs. what are you waiting for? Christmas holidays? You can do it. Brazilian... Ah... Tall and tan and young and lovely, The girl from Ipanema goes walking and When she passes, each one she passes goes "ah"!  

Watch Spot tracking Live trace. Read about it - more info news blog on Airtribune - Forbes Flatlands HG Championships 2017

Results - Forbes Flatlands HG Championships 2017 

Read about it HG outlanders .com

Forbes 2017 Movie


Corryong Cup 8 to 14 January 2017

Corryong, Victoria. This HG comp is recognised as one of the most enjoyable competitions in the Australian calendar. It’s all about having fun and learning. The aim of the comp is to foster the development of XC competition flying skills for all levels of pilots, in a non­stressful, friendly environment. Corryong is a perfect location for low airtime HG pilots to gain valuable experience flying in mountain terrain. The area offers wide open landing fields and you are only a few thermals away from Australia’s highest peak, Mt Kosciuszko. Online entry purchase opens 8pm 1 September 2016 . Practice Day: 7 January 2017.

Fly Better


How do you get better at flying and have more fun? The limiting factor is always the pilot.

Once you have earned your wings on a learn to fly course. To advance your skills familiarize yourself staying in constant contact with your sport and instructors. Join the local club. Fellowship of pilots, male and female. Social events and comarderie. Expand your knowledge studying your art and science of free flying. You are always a student. What did I learn from my flight today? Flying, is like going for a motorbike ride. It blows away the dust of life. And your positive attitude influences your whole life and the people around you.

For no matter how many years you progress your flying. Ask yourself. Are you flying the right wing, for you right now? Suitable for your skills, how current since your last flight and what do you hope to be learning goals for this flight at today's location in current weather conditions? GET GOOD ADVICE! Prioritize & Qualify the accuracy of who told you the information.
You can buy performance, but you can not buy results. Often pilots seek more advanced wing with more performance to further their flying ambitions. To fly for longer, higher, further. And race somewhere faster than friends. Anyone can fly a more advanced aircraft, until you can not. The easy bits are easy, anyone can do it. It's the challenging stuff that requires experience to draw upon and skills developed. To identify the situation for your intent, and respond the correct amount at the right time. And new equipment may respond in unfamiliar ways or require skills not apparent to the person upgrading to higher performance equipment. 

On familiar flying equipment you are best to firstly exhaust every lesson and perfect your skills in a full range of conditions before advancing to a more stressful, difficult handling, higher performance wing that is more unforgiving, and requires you to fly more often to really fly properly. Using pilot rating as a guide, skip any stage, of flying experience on that rating of equipment to develop pilot skills, at your peril. Pilots disadvantage themselves when skipping a step and inevitablly tripping over as somethings are overlooked and always encounter problems. Do not pass go, go straight to repair or replacement of damage parts by Manufacturer, or Medical.

To give yourself the best opportunity to develop your pilot skills, live in the moment with the Goldielocks approach of what's just right equipment for you right now and best serve you for your flying progress and goals for today's flight. Advanced pilots often fly beginner type wings at the beach for easy fun times. Intermediate gliders can land in more places than faster advanced wings needing bigger space to glide into landing. Advanced sports wings, that trade little racing performance for forgiving handling are worthy of flying experience rather than early upgrade for the latest and greatest unforgiving rocket ship. Never underestimate the power of good experiences. Amateurs practice to get it right, Professionals practice to never get it wrong. Perfect practice makes perfect. 

Get some coaching. Doctors cost more than Hang Gliding / Paragliding Instructors. And with events where pilots have written off their equipement but no injuries. Just big financial ouch! Your personal treasury department will have some explaining to do to your personal secretarial minister for war and finance in kangaroo court. With no injuries you may believe it comes down to luck. You make your own luck. It is really pilot skills and experience given the opportunity to be put to good use that saves you. "Further your skills " 'cause crashin' ain't cheap". In hindsight,  some coaching is cheaper than a new wing. For professional instruction on progressing your flying skills, contact Local Instructors  for coaching to fly better, attend XC coaching clinics and stay safe. 

To Fly better, FLY MORE! Study, study, study. Have fun!

PG Tow endorsement

PG Tow endorsement on Monday 12 December 2016 is now full. Congratulations to the pilot who flew for 8hours covering over 300km. 

Also another PG Tow endorsement the weekend before Christmas 2016. 

If your friends are wondering how to get on to this email list please let them know that  they can sign up via this link or Email Martin.

If you want to do your endorsement you can sign up via the Endorsements Expression of Interest online form.

Flying High above 10,000ft - Oxygen Pilot Endorsement

For all pilots wanting to stay legal (and lucid) above 10,000 feet Mean Sea Level Pressure altitude, Phil Hystek ParaGliding Queensland is running a HGFA Oxygen endorsement in Canungra on 15th of Decemeber at 6:30pm. If you are interested get in touch with Phil.

Course Details:
Prerequisite: HGFA Ops Manager advises - PG4 or HG Intermediate Pilot Certificate (Application Form requirements to be amended)
Location:  Clubhouse 
Time :   18:30 - 21:30
Cost:  $45  

Course will include both theory and practical components of the HGFA Oxygen Endorsement Syllabus. Course will include the Theory exam. Passing the theory exam and practical component of the course will result in the issue of a HGFA Oxygen Endorsement. 

If you are interested in going big this summer, being oxygenated while being high in flight levelsEmail Phil 

Reference HGFA Oxygen Endorsement Application Form 

Please note that for airspace Flight Levels requiring oxygen, you are required to have Radio endorsement HGFA VHF Radio Endorsement Application Form 

Recommended reading  HGFA Oxygen Endorsement Manual 2016 PDF [email Phil for update version: December 2016 edition]

Results: Good roll up for the O2 endorsement. For those not able to attend, we'll run another next March 2017

For aviation oxygen equipment for Gliding, Hang Gliding and Paragliding, and expert advice contact Go Soaring

HGFA Ops Manual - update

Hang Gliding Federation of Australia   go to: Forms and Docs for current HGFA Operations Manual Complete PDF

N.B. Cross Country operational requirements.


HGFA airflow topography - video

Hang Gliding - 2016 events

2016 Central West Classic Sunday 13th to Saturday 19th November 2016 and Practice Day is the Saturday 12th November

The Central West Classic, Aero Tow Hang Gliding Competition, is on (in place of WOW and bringing back the spirt of the Gulgong Classic). Save these dates for this Aero Tow Cat AA comp on in the NSW Central West. This region offers big air thermals and is ideal for getting in some big flights early in the season. Registration are open, and are limited to 30 Pilots. This is a Trike Aero Towing Comp with the best Trike tow Pilots in Eastern Australia. Scorer is Billo. Full Results - 2016 Central West Classic

Dalby Hang Gliding is on the weekend of the 10th and 11th December 2016

practice for Forbes :)

Aerotow $30 to thermals 2,000ft+ agl. Free membership Dalby Hang Gliding Club. Home of Dalby Big Air

The local Hang gliding league, is hoping to get some tasks in Dalby on the weekend 10th and 11th December 2016.
Airtribune seqldwinterhg Registration  Weather dependent, Dalby events to be confirmed Thursday 8th December before 10-11th weekend away; 8December - Organiser Confirmation: GO GO GO; Be aware the winds may be on the upper end of the scale for inexperienced aerotowers. Both days look challenging but taskable. Late news Sunrise 10 December: Despite all hope, Too windy for Task committee. A few are still going to be free flying only. Results: XC 150km + downwind.

Pilot Endorsements

Radio VHF

VHF Endorsement Course. It's suitable for both PG and HG pilots. And in recent years, required for HGFA intermediate and advanced pilot ratings.

The date is Thursday December 1st at 6:30pm in Canungra. The course will be run by Phil Hystek. The venue to be confirmed.

If you are interested can you please fill in the Endorsements Expression of Interest online form Or Email Martin.

There won't be another VHF Endorsement Course for while so if you still don't have your VHF endorsement get it done now.

Recommended reading HGFA - VHF Airband Radio Syllabus and Textbook PDF 


Other endorsements; - expressions of interest can be made via same form;

PG Tow Endorsement 

Oxygen Endorsement

If you are interested please fill in the Expressions of interest in an endorsement online form. The date, time and place are to be confirmed, once we have the numbers.

HGFA Radio endorsement HGFA VHF Radio Endorsement Application Form 

CHGC Christmas Party

 Sat 3rd December 2016 at Canungra RSL starts 5:30pm Drinks and 6:30pm Dinner

Christmas PartyHope to see you and friends as this will be a fantastic evening.

When: Saturday 3rd December

Where: Canungra RSL Club, 25-29 Pine Street, Canungra

Time: 5:30pm for pre-drinks and dinner at 6:30pm

Dress: Smart Casual

Cost: Cash only $20 per member, $35 per non-member, $10 kids under12

Food: two course meal (RSVP numbers of special dietary needs: vegetarian and vegan)

Drinks: at bar prices, complementary tea and coffee, live music and prize giving - priceless

RSVP: by email along with your nominations for Contribution Awards to CHGC Secretary 

RSVP Deadline: no later than 25th November 2016

Upon your arrival on the night, you need to go see the CHGC Treasurer whom will be collecting the money in Cash only. Correct amounts would be appreciated. And checking your name on the VIP list for your entry into the draw for the lucky door mystery prizes.

Exciting new CHGC t-shirts and polo shirts will be available to purchase at the Christmas Party. They are $30 for t-shirts and $35 for polo shirts. See the CHGC secretary to get your size and purchase your shirt/s. The shirts come in both mens and womens sizes. Please bring along the correct cash if you wish to purchase a shirt.

Can you help?

Thank you

Nominate someone or people who you believe have contributed significantly in the last 12 months. Contributions could include many things such as maintenance, always being there to help, helping someone out in a difficult situation, fundraising, helping with gear. Help build the clubhouse, donated time and resources, etc. Remember, this person does not need to be a Club member, they just need to have made a significant contribution to the Club. Email your nominations for recognition with the reason, to CHGC Secretary. 

So we can all say

Thank you          Everyone is invited to donate a Thank you gift. 

You don't have to spend any money if you don't want to. If you would like to help; Scour the house or business for some gifts to donate for the Contribution Awards. To keep it light and fun, a suggested guide is perhaps a value of $20 or less. Entirely up to your discretion. It can be anything as long as it is reasonable and un-used and legal. Imagine a gift to be enjoyed by whom ever receives and possibly share with a partner or friend such as you. Please don't wrap your gift as we want the recipients to be able to choose what they would like. Pass your gift to a committee member or bring on the night. Contact CHGC secretary for further information.

Given the tidal wave of generosity, to enlighten those with a sense of humour; If every one, including if there exists any budget obsessed miser tight arses,  brought a gift as something to trade with another economically ebenezer fiscal fiend, and shopping acquaintance of the two dollar shop, you could be a not so secret santa in one big swap meet which could see everyone go home with a gift different to what they brought. Merry Christmas. P.S. Partners are not transferable, a la Car keys in the lucky dip bowl. So bring something such as a bottle of wine (red or white) and swap with some one. Gifts are limited only by your imagination. Imagine a paper clip multitraded for a house. The lesson may be realising a true gift is giving not traded.

A reminder to please also bring along your prize donations for the Contribution Awards, we will have a table set up for them. Thank you to everyone who has kindly said that they will donate a prize. We as a club are still keen for more so hunt around for those perfect re-gifting items!!

Thank you to everyone, for a great evening. And to those not able to attend in the stormy weather, or otherwise away.. see you again soon. Merry Christmas.

Beechmont - How to fly- free talk

A talk for newbies on how to soar and thermal Beechmont. This talk is intended for pilots very new to the sport and want to progress from sleddies and start clocking up some hours in the air. Dave Gibbs should also be available for free tandem instructional paragliding flights during the day. Time and place will be 8,30 am Sunday 27th. at Beechmont launch, weather pending, which is looking ok at the moment.

Safety & Free Safety Workshop

Radio UHF

The CHGC committee wishes to remind pilots of their responsibilities, as well as outlining new requirements for Supervising and Supervised pilots.   

1/.  All pilots flying CHGC sites must have a working UHF radio, which should be checked for functionality on the appropriate club operating frequency before launch.  Those standard frequencies are: 
Paragliding     UHF Ch 18    CTCSS 97.4

Hang Gliding  UHF Ch 19    CTCSS 97.4

2/. On arrival at the site, and prior to setting up their aircraft, all PG-2 and HG Supervised pilots must make contact with their “supervising” pilot for a site/conditions briefing.   

3/. All supervised pilots must be able to communicate via radio at any time with their supervising pilot.

4/. Supervising pilots must make regular contact with their supervised pilots via radio.  If radio contact is lost (no response from the supervised pilot) the supervising pilot must attempt verbal comms with the supervised pilot (air to air vocal commands) and direct the pilot to land. 

5/. If any supervised pilot is involved in an incident/ accident, their supervising pilot is required to make a brief written report (email or text) to the a CHGC SSO within 12hrs of the incident/accident. 

6/. if any supervising pilot becomes unsure of the location of their supervised pilot they must immediately notify a CHGC SSO.

Please note that the requirement for the Supervising pilot to send a brief email or txt message to a CHGC SSO following any incident/ accident involving their Supervised pilot,  does not negate the HGFA requirement for the pilot involved in the incident to complete a AIRS accident report within 72hrs 

Contacts for CHGC SSO’s are:
HG.   Ken Hill
PG.   Phil Hystek
PG.  Brandon O’Donnell

CHGC  Contact details



Safe flying workshop

What:  Safe flying workshop

Where: Beechmont Launch/BBQ area

When:  Sunday 20th November  (This Sunday)

Time: 08:30 sharp.

Cost: FREE



Brandon, Senior Safety Officer - PG, will be running a workshop aimed providing Novice and Intermediate Pilots with information on how to safely fly Beechmont and some indicators/ ramifications which can change the dynamics of this site with changing conditions.


Safe Flying.



Beach flying, Flying Tours and events at other locations

Seasonal weather and winds favour a big day out, trip to the beach and a flying holiday at other flying sites as well as flying locally. Go on, you need a holiday. Because your worth it. What's it all about? Enjoy a Video  Sunshine Coast flying sites tour . 

Contact Local Instructors to fly safe. And for further information on upcoming Instructor's organised tours locally and internationally.

Flying sites within a few hours drive or few hundred kilometres, there are other Hang Gliding and Paragilding Clubs and flying sites many like to visit for a day or weekend. The safest way to experience flying new sites is when instructors organise tours. There are upcoming tours and flying events. Contact local instructors for further details. And be mindful it's weather dependant to be safe to fly.

On the coast line, beach flying to the north include: Rainbow Beach and Sunshine Coast - local weather

And beach flying to the south include: Byron Bay and Lennox - local weather


Inland flying sites within a few hundred kilometres to the west include: Killarney Use weather services to research weather conditions.

Your safety can be greatly enhanced by instructors advice, and a few simple rules. 

Never fly alone. Use the buddy system, consisting of buddy pair and a buddy team with some pilots that have more experience and local knowledge. Competitions have teams and world records flights occur in buddy pairs with support teams. Fly with your buddy maintaining visual range, otherwise your flying alone. Always fly with a radio and other communication devices. Actively communicate with all your team members for sharing information to enhance safety.   And finally, check everyone's ok. Your job as buddy is early intervention if someone is in trouble, be ready to help and possible have to send for help. And your buddy will do the same for you. "One hand washes the other."  Ensuring that proceedings conclude with your team in circumstances everyone is able to get home safe. Safety is everyone's responsibility.

Cinderella - does the shoe fit? Are you flying the right wing for you? There are inherent problems with ill fitting flying equipment which must be appropriate for your attributes and pilot skill level. The limiting factor is the pilot.  With experience and skills, good Pilots on appropriate wings make early detection of the situation leading to the right decisions and responses at the right time with with the correct amount of input. You can buy performance but not results. Anyone can fly more advanced equipment, until you cannot. The easy parts are easy. But when things get out of shape, you get there quicker with more energy, AND unforgiving consequences. Less experience pilots thinking beginner equipment is holding them back, want more advanced equipment which may have skill requirements and unfamiliar responses not apparent to less experienced. But less experienced pilots risk too slow to respond developing into things get out of shape, then respond too much, with secondary effects. Pilots skills are best developed without fear, on gear suits your skills now, and that fits you. To be the best pilot you can be; Progress each stage; beginner, intermediate, advanced, and racing. Everyone that skips a step, is lacking or suffers as a result. As John Heiney says "Doctors cost more than Hang Gliding Instructors." And your gear needs to fit you. If your pilot weight does not suit the equipment, too light or too heavy and you will always have problems. And develop undesireable techniques, that you will have to unlearn to avoid future incidents. Try running in shoes that don't fit. Pain or fall over. You have got to get a shoe that fits YOU. 

Only change one thing at a time. There are new risks arising when there is something changed or new, such as a new site or different equipment.  Changes can occur without you realising. Sometimes the state of your equipment has changed with time or requirements change or equipment deteriorate in storage or transport damage. Or you have changed, such as how recent is your current skills proficiency, or life events cloud your focus having your head in the game. Ensure the aviation equipment your using is currently airworthy, with safety maintenance done and independently checked to be serviceable, And refresh your skills with an instructor, polish your fine talents and techniques. Diamond in the rough.

Only fly in suitable weather conditions at suitable locations. Get advice from instructors and more experienced, to ensure the weather is appropriate to fly for the location, and the equipment you intend to fly with, and most importantly for your skill level and experience. The energy force of the wind is proportional to the square of velocity. Stronger conditions multiply your problems. Reassess conditions constantly as they change like the weather! What is the Wind direction now, where I am now. And what is the predicted changes, where I plan to be, when will that occur and what is the benefit and risks affecting me.

Always have a safe landing option. Locations may have hidden dangers that increase risk of a deviation from normal flight. For example:  In certain weather conditions and locations it may be locally known to avoid unsuitable location such as turbulent air flow rotor region or tumble tuck zone. Local instructors advice can be priceless. Continue to assess the current weather conditions which constantly change. What is the updated risk assessment and what can you do to mitigate risk. Such as local wind direction to land into the wind and fly faster to compensate for wind gradient, landing in valley. Be careful to always be able to get to a safe landing. When thermaling, scratching for a low save: your circle in wind drift scratching for climb be mindful of wind drift away from landing. Drifting out of glide slope more than climbing to compensate for drift and you risk sliding into a position of longer within glide slope able to get back to safe landing? What is the cut off point to abandon scratching. Especially in strong or changing conditions. Do you still have glide slope to a safe landing option? Position your flight path so you always have glide to a safe landing option.

Safe airspeed near the ground.A safe landing requires safe airspeed near the ground; Sailplane Glider pilots Rule is "Anytime we are within (landing circuit) [sailplane glider=1000ft Above Ground Level] we must fly at the required safe speed, that speed is 1.5 Vs (1.5 times stall speed) plus half the wind additive." Especially for hang gliding, speed up for wind gradient on landing. The point is safe airspeed near the ground; are you flying too slow on circuit and final approach to landing. Too slow = Lack control, turbulence throws you around; Where are you going? Common mistake: Mush in too slow at trim speed as if hands free. Arrival (cannot call it a landing) like a falling leaf at trim or slower with no energy left for effective flare. Get ready to break something or someone. Or worse: Stall / drop a wing - spin. LOW AND SLOW AND IN YOU GO. Speed is life. Try one and half times stall speed plus half the wind, for safe airspeed near the ground (circuit to landing) Get upright away from the ground. Ultimately faster safer flying speed in final, round out and bleed off speed with control as approach trim speed where a landing flare can be initiated effectively only with the required energy from airspeed. Too slow and nothing left to flare with... Consult Instructor for training and professional tuition..

Situational awareness. There are old pilots, and there are bold pilots, but there are no old bold pilots. Only fly when it's safe for you to do so. Exercising a healthy respect and awareness according to your skills, and of the capabilities using airworthy aircraft & serviceable equipment, with the appropriate Safety Officer, Duty Pilot attending. And ensure you have met all approval requirements for the flying site and club you visit. Fly within your skill level with safety margins and the safety requirements of your HGFA pilot rating. With safety, you can have fun.

Hope these examples of general suggestions presented here, help you or someone you know improve safety for everyone. Composed by Damian. There are many highly experienced pilots willing to generously share advice and well intended tips based on their experience, offered in good faith with the intention to compliment proper training. Casual advice and "hot tips for new players", are no substitute for professional instruction. For professional instruction, and if you go somewhere new, you need to Contact Local Instructors for invaluable advice to fly safe.



Hang Gliding competitions and events coming up include: Forbes Flatlands and Dalby Big Air

And many Paragliding and Hang Gliding events at: Fly Manilla

Contact local instructors for coaching to advance your skills and local flying training. And Tandem flights, the perfect gift.

Canungra Classic 2016 - News composed by Damian

World famous Hang Gliding Competition. 22nd to 29th October 2016. FAI Category 2, HGFA AAA Sanctioned.  For more information

Airtribune Live Tracking  Canungra Classic 2016 - Competition Live Tracking  N.B. Competition starts Task 1 on "Airtribune Day 2", after "Airtribune Day 1" was cancelled.

Photo by Billy Macleod.

Canungra Classic 2016 - Task 1 - Monday 24th October 2016

Competition - It is ON.

The Weekend became warm up days of no tasks due to undesirable wind direction. Gusting North, the cross wind blowing across the West launch on the first day, safety cancelled any task and free flying was not recommended in the launch sites most difficult possible conditions. Untaskable conditions suitable for whip cracking and leaving gliders on the cars to live to fly another day. Some dynamic flights were for only the brave few free flying with local knowledge. John Smith test flew a brand new Moyes RX, skying out and gone XC, with the field left on the hill scratching their heads. And later scoring some new board shorts next briefing. Conditions were difficult to fly even for two other skillful local pilots free flying.


Competition launch director, Senior Safety Officer, Ken Hill - Chief Flying Instructor of: 

films the conditions with a Video: Damian launches in 12+ knots crosswind  to enjoy local soaring flight in untaskable challenging gusty conditions.


Early afternoon into overnight medium rain dampened the following dull day destined to drying out by soaking up the sun, dampening thermal activity. Another Northerly cross launch was weak until blowing over the back on the second day and first task was canned before all could launch for a sled ride.


Finally on the third day, the weather came on to perfect conditions. 


Jonny's Report on Task1;

A 73km task was set taking us to the SW toward the beautiful Mt Lindsey. We then turn around and head back NE to a small country town of Rathdowney. 

Takeoff conditions were light but it seemed most pilots were doing a good job of getting off the hill and up into the sky. 

Once airborn we saw a NW wind of around 15-20kmph which swung a little more west and dropped off a bit as the day went on. Nearly all the pilots took the first start gate and headed off around 7,000ft towards the Kerry valley. 

Tony Armstrong and Jason Kath were doing well staying a little more right of course line while most of the pilots were down wind of course line. 

About 8km out from the Turn Point, John Smith, Mic Jackson, Tony and Jonny were together with John the highest. He managed to glide to the turnpoint and final into goal as he got a great line down the valley. 

Tony went left to the mountains and Jonny followed John and Mic but lower. Jonny got a bad line and had to stop and climb, which took a while before eventually having enough height to make goal. John Smith crushed it 10 mins in front of Mic with Jonny another 4 Mins behind Mic.

Tony and Jason will finish just behind Jonny with Nils Vesk and Rohan Taylor taking the 3rd start taking out 5th and 6th for the day. 

Goal saw many interesting landings as the wind was switching around but no one seemed to break any aluminium. 

The weather looks pretty similar the next coupes of days. Hopefully we will get off the hill before the see breeze gets us and we should get some good days of flying ahead.  

Photo from goal paddock and Jonny's Report credited to Jonny Durand Jr and used with permission. 

Task 1 Results:

Place     Pilot
Glider Total   Task1   
1 John Smith Moyes Rx4 1000
2 Mic Jackson Moyes Rx5 866
3 Jon Durand Moyes Rx3.5 828
4 Tony Armstrong Moyes Litespeed RX 3.5 818
5 Jason Kath WillsWing T2C 144 803
6 Nils Vesk Moyes Rx3.5 797
7 Rohan Taylor Moyes LiteSpeed RS4      791
8 Tony Giammichele       Moyes RX 3.5 773
9 Steve Blenkinsop Moyes RX 3.5 768
10    Guy Hubbard Moyes Rx3.5 738

Some one on launch another day summed it up; "John Smith smoked the field to win the day by 10minutes and gets a perfect score."

Corinna Schwiegershausen leading the Women's Class. Having completed the task, continued flying back to near Beaudesert.

Nikki Longshore is leading in the sport class. Close encounter with an eagle at the turn point, dived into goal.

Len Paton earlier marked the turn point with very close proximity formation flying with a curious eagle so close that held position between flying wires and wing, less than an arm length away, silent flight with an eagle eye - checking you out! The gooey short version of the weather forecast is the eagle may have been stirred up for others to encounter. Interesting Tactics!

Personal Best flights for a few pilots deep into tiger country down the Kerry Valley and beyond to Rathdowney Goal. How good is the Classic. Awesome.

Canungra Classic 2016 - Task 2 - Tuesday 25th October 2016


Up the Ante.


Pilots of international competition calibre, show their pedigree and spread their wings. Rising to the challenge of the task increasing the distance and difficulty.

Task set from Tamborine towards the border Lions Road (in the region of previous days goal) then up to Maroon Intersection near the dam and around to Boonah airstrip, the local aircraft and glider maintenance hub.


Josh Woods young blood, fresh from competing in Brazil with other pilots from here, is in fine form on fresh wings and wins the photo finish, with Steve Blenkinsop, the statesman of experience, steaming ahead like a train to the finish only to be pipped at the post by 6 seconds, and Glen Mcfarlane another 6 seconds back into third. Exciting finish to flying two hours of Air Racing.

A pilot decision by Glen the previous day, in hindsight was left to ponder in the goal paddock on day1 the points that might have been, what if... Not to make the same mistake twice. Doing well today. Showing his experience at World championships and familiar with mountain flying over Australia's highest mountain: Hang Gliding Mt Koscuiszko   

Harrison Rowndtree , thanks to sponsor Longridge Olives , flying a long ridge with a birds eye view, finishing 4 seconds in front of Jonny Durand who was 30 seconds off the leader, but moves in front of Harrison for the day with one extra lead out point. And cumulatively, the overall leader after first two tasks.

Thank you to the support of sponsors. And inviting you to support Jon Durand Jr sponsors;       RedBull      Moyes Gliders     Mitsubishi Motors

Rod Flockhart having trimmed down from his previously claimed RX3.75 to the 3.5 rocketed the red race stripe to finishing a nail biting 12 seconds gap into sixth. Flying every day, with a come fly with me positive attitude, Flightscope Aviation  clearly has him top of his game.

Gavin Myers, refuelled on fresh seafood after a leisurely day 1, has demonstrated how a box of Boston Bay Mussels , reinvigorates staying power to lead group that he is more familiar. Summing up the top magnificent seven, with finishing times separated by under 2 minutes, after 2 hours flying.

Glen Macleod local experience and skills see through the pack finishing 8th on new wings galliantly only several minutes off the pace rounding out first third of many good pilots into goal later. Jason Kath enjoying 9 lives with good times, and completing the top 10, following close finish top4 lead pack yesterday: high on happy vibes: Tony Armstrong HangGlideOZ

Task 2:

Place    Pilot                               Glider                                   Time             Task2
1 Josh Woods Moyes RX3.5  1:59:44 973
2 Steve Blenkinsop      Moyes RX 3.5 1:59:50 971
3 Glen Mcfarlane WillsWing T2C 144 1:59:56 963
4 Jon Durand Moyes LSRX 3.5 2:00:14 959
5 Harrison Rowndtree Moyes LSRX 3.5 2:00:10 958
6 Rod Flockhart Moyes LSRX 3.5 2:00:26 954
7 Gaven Myers Moyes RX 5.0 2:01:35 941
8 Glen Macleod Moyes LSRX 3.5 2:06:31 873
9 Jason Kath WillsWing T2C 144 2:15:02 862
10 Tony Armstrong Moyes Litespeed RX 3.5 2:15:49 858

Many great stories: Trevor Purcell into goal, showing the young feathers , how to fly with wise decisions, by the young at heart.

With 27 pilot in goal yesterday on day 1 and 24 pilots in goal today on day 2, out of 40 pilots total for all classes, this years classic is measured by quality pilots over quantity.

Corrina Schwiegershausen, Women's World Champion many times, on her annual pilgrimage as an honourary local, has improved her points position beating over half the men's field, left wondering how to fly as good as a living legend.

Thank you to the support of sponsors. And inviting you to support Corrina Schwiegershausen's sponsors;

RedBull     Adidas Eyewear     Icebreaker - Clothing     Moyes Gliders     Woody Valley - Hang Glider Harness


Nikki Longshore Let myself go - Hang Gliding  with the smooth skills developed only from many flying hours, covered half distance dominating the sports class.

Consistency will be the key to overall competition results. The rising star is local sky guru Mic Jackson coming cumulatively overall third, with strategic Steve Blenkinsop second and one of the worlds best professional Hang Glider Pilot: Jonny Durand, first after two tasks. All whom fly Moyes

Christian Ciech, Current World Champion and European Champion offers a tip:

"The best situation for me is when I'm not thinking about the results, and instead I'm thinking about what I can learn from the flight. If I set my mind in this way, it's the best thing I can do. It's not always possible, of course. Sometimes the competition stresses you out and you fight for the result, but that doesn't work very well for me. Flying to learn is the way I fly competitions."

FAI pilot profile: Hang Gliding Champion Christian Ciech



Jonny's Report on Task2;

A 86km task taking us SW to the border ranges then NW across the scenic Mt Maroon then north over the green rolling hills into the small airfield of Boonah.

We had a NNW winds with climbs to 7,500ft with some clouds to help show us the way. 

Many pilots took the first start and about 10 stayed back for the second clock. I almost caught the front few guys from the first start just before the first TP.

I made a bad decision and spent the next 15 mins low watching everyone fly over me. I managed to get a good climb eventually which took me around the TP then I came gliding in just below the main gaggle of 20 pilots. 

The gaggle pushed on getting a couple of good climbs with everyone coming into the last TP almost together. I was a little behind but higher and managed to make the TP and glide in below Mic Jackson who was climbing. Soon many pilots joined and we climbed and then went on  final glide to Boonah.

Just over 20 pilots made the task with Josh Woods taking out the day win 10 seconds in front of Steve Blenky then Glen McFarlane.

The goal field was beautiful green grass airstrip with many nice flying machines hiding in the hangars.

Jonny's Report - Used with permission. For more more Hang Gliding news from around the world check out

Cumulative (After Task2):

Place     Pilot                 
Glider                Total       Task1    Task2   
1 Jon Durand Moyes Rx3.5 1787     828    959
2 Steve Blenkinsop      Moyes RX 3.5 1739 768 971
3 Mic Jackson Moyes LS RX5 1723 866 857
4 Tony Armstrong Litespeed RX 3.5 1676 818 858
5 Jason Kath WillsWing T2C 144 1665 803 862
6 Glen Mcfarlane WillsWing T2C 144 1653 690 963
7 Josh Woods Moyes RX3.5 1650 677 973
8 Rohan Taylor Moyes LiteSpeed RS4      1641 791 850
9 Guy Hubbard Moyes Rx3.5 1588 738 850
10 Nick Purcell Moyes RS4 1559 709 850


Canungra Classic 2016 - Task 3 - Wednesday 26th October 2016

Here's Jonny.

Task3 Tamborine SW to Rathdowney, and zig zag E to Hill View and NW to Laravale Goal.

Pilots are getting plenty of practice flying from Tamborine to Rathdowney. Launch to Model field, Mount Misery, Witheren, Kerry Valley, Mt Mahomet, Jinbroken Range, and mix of open and tiger country. Local pilot caused a treasurers upset with the Bookies by flying to near Rath on Task 1 of the comp. Running book of who makes XC to where has taken a royal shuffle. Well Done to everyone doing personal bests.

The first start gate opens and they're off and racing. Glen Mcfarlane leads out Harrison Rowndtree, John Smith, Len Paton, Josh Woods, Guy Hubbard and Adams Stevens.

Second start gate lets loose Jon Durand, Steve Blenkinsop, and Mic Jackson hunting down the field. 

Today Jonny Durand and Steve Blenkinsop battle it out one two, finishing closer than your own shadow,  6 seconds apart. With Mic Jackson chasing third some 2 minutes+ later.


From the first start gate, Len Paton is the first of his group of starters into 4th some 16 minutes after first past the post. Followed by Glen Mcfarlane storming in 5 minutes after Len.

John Smith smoked the field on Task 1 charging like a man possessed, running of the bulls. By contrast Steve Blenkinsop, reserves strategy of "know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, and know when to run..."  The charging bull approach sooner or latter races out of altitude as many discover and John did on Task 2. But by Task 3 John Smith is back in the game with ALL IN approach.

The peloton come streaming in to goal. Harrision Rowndtree makes 7th a minute later. Plus 9 minutes more for Josh Woods 8th in goal. In about 10 minutes intervals: seasoned professional Guy Hubbard, and Adam Stevens rounding out the top10.

As the tasks get tougher, we're down to 15 pilots into goal. Including Jason Kath taking a late start gate and roaring through the field. Nils Vest makes 12th flexing the muscles of his experience at world championships and international competitions experience.  Competition organiser, Tony Giammichele, not too stressed and into the swing of things, dances into another goal paddock near Rob DeGroot, having started with Jonny Steve and Mic who finished 1,2,3. Flying along with Craig Taylor into goal minutes later.

And finally Glen Macleod is the last pilot into goal after a marathon 4 hours.

Of those who got close to but no cigar, Jon Durand Sr Durand Water Filters flying faster trumps Gavin Myers flying further. Jon Sr with lead out points gets the better of Gavin flying for further distance points. Howard Jones did the same to next place getter Geoff Christopher separated by half a kilometre. And Rob DeGroot pioneered the way to goal, settling into 20th after early start and flight. Nic Purcell flying into 21st.

Finishing 22nd, Niki Longshore flies further into challenging country and challenging topless glider pilots.



Jonny's Report on Task3 

Task 3 brought us NNW winds a little stronger than the previous day.   A 72km task was set taking us SW to Rathdowney, then back east to Hillview before heading north down the Jinbroken range to the small town of Laravale. 

Conditions were pretty good around launch with nearly all the pilots getting up and away.  Most pilots took the first start with only a few of us that hung back for the second. 

I started on the second clock with Mic, Blenky and a few others. We had a good run, staying further south of the course line compared to the early guys who took a more upwind line.  We managed to get to the turnpoint first and started heading back east to the last turnpoint.


We had a couple of reasonable climbs then hit a climb at the last TP which got us high enough to make final glide. I left just below Blenky with Mic just below me.  It was a long 17km glide into the wind to goal, but I managed to get a better line by flying around the west side of a fire while Blenky went the east side.  I crossed the line 6 seconds in front of him with Mic a couple of minutes behind. 

15 pilots completed the course with me winning the day in 1hr 46 mins.  Some of the top pilots were not in goal so the scores will be changing around a lot today.

Jonny's Report - Used with permission. For more more Hang Gliding news from around the world check out

Task 3:

Place     Pilot       Glider         Time        Task3
1 Jon Durand Moyes LSRX 3.5 1:46:32 983
2 Steve Blenkinsop Moyes Rx 3,5 1:46:38 979
3 Mic Jackson Moyes LSRX 5 1:49:18 937
4 Len Paton Moyes LSRX 4 2:03:13 847
5 Glen Mcfarlane WW T2C 144 2:08:37 832
6 John Smith Moyes LSRX 4 2:07:41 821
7 Harrison Rowndtree        Litespeed RX 3.5      2:08:34 819
8 Josh Woods Moyes RX3.5 2:17:55 758
9 Guy Hubbard Moyes LSRX 3.5 2:29:06 702
10 Adam Stevens Moyes LSRX 3.5 2:40:40 651

Cumulative (After Task3):

Place     Pilot     
Glider        Total       Task1    Task2    Task3   
1 Jon Durand Moyes LSRX 3.5 2756      814       959      983
2 Steve Blenkinsop Moyes RX 3.5 2717 768 970 979
3 Mic Jackson Moyes LSRX 5
2645 852 856 937
4 Glen Mcfarlane WillsWing T2C 144 2491 697 962 832
5 Josh Woods Moyes RX3.5 2419 688 973 758
6 Guy Hubbard Moyes RX 3.5 2289 738 849 702
7 Jason Kath WillsWing T2C 144 2235 798 862 575
8 John Smith Moyes LSRX 4 2233 1000 412 821
9 Harrison Rowntree          Litespeed RX 3.5        2120 343 958 819
10 Nils Vesk Moyes LSRX 3.5 2084 809 733 542



Your Invited to a Comedy Evening  - Canungra Hotel 

Wednesday 26th October, is the Canungra Classic Red Faces evening at the Canungra Hotel, starting at 7pm. This is a fantastic evening where Classic participants and their support crews put together a comedy act and compete for the Red Faces title. It is great fun and everyone is welcome. So come and have a laugh, a drink or a few and a meal.

 No need to RSVP, just rock up!!


Canungra Classic 2016 - Task 4 - Thursday 27th October 2016


Strawberries and cream. The cream of the crop rises to the top.


Task4 Tamborine SW to Kerry Valley Oval, NW to Laravale, N to Veresdale Intersection then double back S to Bromelton Goal.

Corrina's Rule # 1 GO EARLY. Go early.

I'm stoked.  I was 3rd in goal today and almost my whole team made it!  Now storms approaching!


The first start gate opens and we're racing the weather. It's the quick and the dead. Leaders know the way, show the way and go the way. Tony Armstrong leading out. Go you good thing. Looking Good. He's gone, headed to Owen's Valley. Narrowly in front of Jason Kath, WA Champion. Followed by Rohan Taylor. Adam Stevens nicely positioned like protected VIP in the lead pack. 

Jon Durand Sr a nose in front of conjoined seafood loving twin Gavin Myers, who is neck and neck with John Smith. So close the three look as one from a distance. Reminicent of the three abreast ducks on the wall. Narrowly following wingman Glen Macleod and Corrina Schwiegershausen. Guy Hubbard as tail end charlie of the leader pack, in position for good supervision and in reach to capitalise on surveying the group.

A gap to Tony Giammichele, competition organiser, flies his own race and knows the way to get to goal.

Second start gate lets loose, having release the wind tech hounds on the hunt. Craig Taylor cuts through the air, man on a mission. Accompanied by Josh Woods. Moments later, three amigos, Jonny Durand Jr, flying buddy Mic Jackson, and Steve Blenkinsop sits off the wing moments back. Rod Flockhart flies the chase plane in this group.

By the third start gate, Nils Vest is a lone ranger to go the distance to goal. Having dropped back yesterday, contributing to starting later today.

With changing weather, fortune favours the brave. Those able to go at the right time when IT'S ON climbed out and raced off. At other times, alternate launch early, short flights to model field or bombout.

Jason Kath, WA Champion wins the day flying for 2hrs 16minute. Equiped with flying Wills Wing, (and Woody Valley harness), in a field dominated by Moyes Gliders (and mostly Moyes Matrix or Woody Valley harness). 

Attila Bertok (World Champion) says; There may be subtle differences in different manufacturers Wings.  At this level the pilot makes the biggest difference. 

The better pilot , on the day, wins. Well done!

Under 50 seconds later Rohan Taylor wearing special sunglasses for astronaut re-entry comes screaming in from outer space pipped at the post into second. 2minutes back Adam Stevens and Gavin Myers finish with the same time to the second, with Adam edging ahead from lead out points.

Corrina Schwiegershausen is 5th for the day when points abacus tallies up, 3 minutes off the pace and absolutely spanking the men in a field total of 40 pilots. Glen Macleod has a dream run flying like a champ on new wings this comp. Finishing 2 minutes back from Corrina.

Tony Armstrong having stormed the lead, is challenged over the course to an admirable lucky 7th and scalping Jon Durand Sr in 8th, 30 second back.

Craig Taylor is first of the second start gate into goal with 5th fastest time of the day, and overall finishing 9th.

Guy Hubbard having taken the first gate has the 6th fastest time of the day. But is beaten by the top 5 on speed and when points are tallied finishing 10th.

Rod Flockhart races 6th fastest time for the day, but from second start gate chasing others with lead out points advantage, places him 11th for the day.

Mic Jackson beats Jonny Durand Jr by 16 seconds in the final dash for the cash and chasing hard Josh Woods another 15 second back after 2hrs 26minutes. 

Tony Giammichele, 15th arriving with leading points improving on a 7minutes gap. Followed in 16th by Steve Blenkinsop 5minutes faster than Tony but down by more on lead out points.

17th Glen Mcfarlane flying Wills Wing to goal only a minute after Tony G.

And finally, last to make goal in 18th Nils Vest who's time was 15th after Josh Woods, but down on lead out points. Taking the third start gate.

As the tasks get more difficult, by task 4 we have noteworthy 18 quality pilots made goal out of 40. Demonstrating the quality of the field. And at mid way through the competition we see quite a mix of attrition, and the experienced pilots who if they drop performance, only return all fired up to produce the goods.

How good is the Classic! The depth of talent is just epic.

Task 4:

Place   Pilot Glider Time        Task4
1 Jason Kath Wills Wing T2C 144 2:16:05 996
2 Rohan Taylor Moyes LiteSpeed RS4      2:16:53 975
3 Adam Stevens Moyes LSRX 3.5 2:18:44 946
4 Gaven Myers Moyes RX 5.0 2:18:44 941
5 Corrina Schwiegershausen        Moyes Rx 3 2:19:01 935
6 Glen Macleod Moyes LSRX 3.5 2:21:30 912
7 Tony Armstrong Litespeed RX 3.5 2:25:10 901
8 Jon Durand Sr Moyes LSRX 4 2:25:39 882
9 Craig Taylor Moyes LSRX 3.5 2:18:52 881
10 Guy Hubbard Moyes LSRX 3.5 2:25:09 880


Cumulative (After Task4):

Place   Pilot
Glider Total       Task1    Task2    Task3    Task4   
1 Jon Durand Moyes LSRX 3.5 3574 814 959 983 818
2 Steve Blenkinsop        Moyes RX 3.5 3519 768 970 979 802
3 Mic Jackson Moyes LS 5 3466 852 856 938 820
4 Glen Mcfarlane Wills Wing T2C 144      3271 697 962 834 778
5 Josh Woods Moyes RX3.5 3239 688 973 761 817
6 Jason Kath Wills Wing T2C 144 3235 798 862 579 996
7 Guy Hubbard Moyes RX 3.5 3172 738 849 705 880
8 Adam Stevens Moyes RX3.5 3033 678 754 655 946
9 Glen Macleod Moyes LSRX 3.5 2954 673 873 496 912
10 Tony Armstrong Litespeed RX 3.5 2886 810 858 317 901

Note preliminary points subject to possible small variations until finalised results.


Canungra Classic 2016 - Task cancelled - Friday 28th October 2016

Blood Sweat and tears. The penultimate pump to the finale.

It's not over til it's over. Never give up. Task 5-first attempt Beechmont to Goal.

After a week of flying from Mount Tamborine, finally the eastern seabreeze brings the flying circus to Beechmont. Dreaming of flying over the back, and far far away down wind to deep in the Kerry Valley, and North to infinity and beyond. What goes up must come down. Only time will tell where. Stormy weather ... Rain. TO THE PUB 

Canungra Classic 2016 - Task 5 - Saturday 29th October 2016

The final showdown.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. The decider goes down to the wire.

With wind up the western facing launch, the pilots headed to Tamborine. Only to have patience tested as NE breeze came from over the back closing launch on safety grounds. Not before the first and only,  Nikki Longshore got away in nil wind to a sled ride.

With much anguish the day was over for that launch site. Cumulative Results from after Task4 had few points separating many pilots. Jonny Durand leading over Steve Blenkinsop and Mic Jackson. 

With 40 sky surfing desporatos itching to fly, Safety and Task committee deliberated, reassessing conditions and negotiated many factors. A  majority vote finally decided to relocate to Beechmont East facing launch where the NE is favourable and a glimmer of hope to fly another day.

The hope was for fair play. In great Aussie tradition of everyone gets a fair go. True in it's purest form in sport, where unlike politics or other parts of life, in sport you can't argue with the scoreboard. To not fly some might feel cheated of the opportunity for a fair race on the final day of reckoning. As competition was so fierce, it is a milestone in the Sport, taking the quality of the pilots and the competition to another level.

So 40 pilots pack up their bongos and the caravan carnival races the 40 minutes drive spanning high noon for the showdown to the competition.

Local free flyer Damian launches as a wind tech while the competition pilots eagerly set up chasing the sun and task committee and Safety team review if conditions allow for one last task this competition. Over development cloud cover and changing possible window of opportunity. In testing conditions, getting a climb and skying out, another free flying wind tech Ian also shows the conditions are coming on after the famous lunchtime lull. Against the sundial clock the day is slipping away where the launch site shuts down early.

Task is set. The task from Tamborine stands, to Coulson and back to Bromelton. Only now launching from further away at Beechmont.

With the free flyers / wind techs top landing, as conditions get rowdy, clearing the way for about 35 competition pilots to launch in quick succession like star fighters punching to light speed. Some pilots were battle weary, choosing to live to fly another day. Tony Giammichele top landing to forfill competition organisers duties.

The weather window was dynamic and challenging. By the final two had a chance to launch, grey skies concealed the western sun which otherwise was on it's way to setting a shadow to shutdown the east facing launch valley. Sled rides gave two the chance to experience their best ever perfect landings.

Out on course the battle raged on for what would become the race of the century.

Nothing is guaranteed. Especially results resting on past laurels.

By the time most had made their way to the goal-the pub everyone is exhausted and hungry to find out what happened. Gradually pilots start wandering in to the pub and the situation awareness is building.

Yesterdays task before thunder storms nearby stoped the day on safety precautions, Steve Blenkinsop was pushing with all his skills and experience to get the better of his rivals. 

In anticipation, people do a head count looking for who's missing in action, presumably still flying. Such was the quality of pilots half the field could have won the whole competition. Over a dozen pilots start racing within minutes of each other, the whole field that launched, started within 20minutes. Racing to forfill their destiny.

Hours later. Scoring report comes in Steve Blenkinsop has landed way out at Korralbyn, with a 2 hour walk out.

There is news a handful of pilots have made the turn point, all that further from changed launch site. Glen Mcfarlane leads Rohan Taylor, with Adam Stevens and Mic Jackson together like four fingers. Chasing hard Jon Durand Jr makes five to the turn point. Reaching out to be the Hero as Maradona's hand of god.

The silence is deafening as everyone waits to see who shows up with what news.

Under gray skies that conceal sunset fading to black, rumour mill spreads Jonny Durand Jr is still flying. It is pitch black and only time will tell what happened in the final showdown.

On the Bingo call when the fuel of thermals ran out Glen Mcfarlane wins the day with the furtherest distance glide. When the day was done and the lift no more. Those final moments may have been like a game of lawn darts, under 50 shades of grey clouds concealing sunset. Rohan Taylor 2nd for the day 1km off the leader. Adam Stevens 3rd some 190metre back. In 4th Mic Jackson plants his feet 350m behind Adam.  There is nothing in it. So close they could shout out jokes to each other. And Jon Durrand Jr last the man standing under 3km from Mic Jackson. What a day. Each pilot "just can't go any faster, I'm givin' her all she's got."  Exhausted of every last ounce of skill and tenacity. What a race!

Task 5:

Place    Pilot Glider Kms      Task5
1 Glen Mcfarlane
Wills Wing T2C 144 56.11 477
2 Rohan Taylor
Moyes LiteSpeed RS4     55.19 471
3 Adam Stevens
Moyes LSRX 3.5 55.00 470
4 Mic Jackson
Moyes LSRX 5 53.65 464
5 Jon Durand
Moyes LSRX 3.5 50.88 431
6 Steve Blenkinsop   
Moyes Rx 3.5 35.14 347
7 Glen Macleod
Moyes LSRX 3.5 31.51 328
8 Nils Vest
Moyes LSRX 3.5 30.42 320
9 Jon Durand Sr
Moyes LSRX 4 26.04 290
10 Howard Jones
Moyes LSRX 3.5 25.58 287



Canungra Classic 2016 - Celebration and Dinner

Good Times

At the end of the day we gather for the final feast and party time.

Your past is never THE past. It never leaves you in the past. Occasionally it sometimes comes up and sits beside you. The last supper, we feast to the week off work, and remember flying friends and good times of yesterday, see familiar faces come out of the woodwork. Many names, and personal stories are shared with joy. And tell tales of the glory days from today as well as long ago. Remember the time...

Some would like to see social week of drinking all night and flying 200km all day with your mates, having a good time. The level of competition quality has professional pilot competitors, sponsors and obligations to family and work... , early to bed and giving everything to exhaustion for the bragging rights of beating their mates flying cross country where the points system has evolved to those who feel the need, the need for speed.

Canungra Classic 2016 - Final results


The Award Winners.

Sportman Awards - Rory Baker

Most Improved - Craig Taylor


Jurassic Class (not top10) 

1st - Jon Durand Sr

2nd - Tony Armstrong

3rd - Robert De Groot


Landowners Award - Congratulations to the worthy recipient, and personal story.


Best of the Rest

1st - Glen Macleod

2nd - Craig Taylor

3rd - Robert De Groot


Floater Class

1st - Steve Cronin


Sports Class

1st - Nikki Longshore

2nd - Neville Marinko 

3rd - Aaron Darby


Womens Class

1st - Corrina Schwiegershausen

2nd - Nikki Longshore


Open Class

1st - Jon Durand Jr

2nd - Mick Jackson

3rd - Steve Blenkinsop

4th - Glen McFarlane

5th- Jason Kath

6th - Adam Stevens

7th - Josh Woods

8th - Guy Hubbard

9th - Rohan Taylor

10th - Glen Macleod


Left to right: Winners; Sports Class, Open Class, Women's Class

South East Queensland Hang Gliding Regional Titles

A Grade - Jon Durand (Jr)

B Grade - Billy Macleod

Canungra Classic 2016 Final results (5 Tasks):

Place     Pilot    
Glider     Total     Task1    Task2    Task3    Task4    Task5   
1 Jon Durand
Moyes LSRX 3.5 3997   813  957  981  815  431 
2 Mic Jackson Moyes LS 5 3921 851 853 936 817 464
3 Steve Blenkinsop   Moyes RX 3.5 3859 767 969 977 799 347
4 Glen Mcfarlane Wills Wing T2C 144 3745 695 961 836 776 477
5 Jason Kath Wills Wing T2C 144 3509 797 858 578 995 281
6 Adam Stevens Moyes RX3.5 3498 676 751 657 944 470
7 Josh Woods Moyes RX3.5 3488 687 972 762 814 253
8 Guy Hubbard Moyes RX 3.5 3405 736 847 707 879 236
9 Rohan Taylor Moyes LiteSpeed RS4   3326 804 846 231 974 471
10 Glen Macleod Moyes LSRX 3.5 3278 671 871 497 911 328


Steve Blenkinsop credits his rivals having given it all he's got, and the best pilot wins.

Mick Jackson happy to return to the sport with skills refined with epic local flying this year.

And the winner is Australias best pilot Jon Durand Jr.

Reportedly 14 wins in the last 16 years. But nothing is guaranteed. And the quality of pilots has raised the bar. Someone may have said this was Jonny's toughest competition ever in his whole career. Making this win highly respected. Well deserved. Congratulations.

As Rory Baker said " You might think flying the weather involves luck. In this competition week of awesome flying, a lesson learnt is getting to goal involves a lot of skill. It's amazing how many good pilots fly here at The Canungra Classic. Maybe one day we can be as good as all the pilots here today."

And Corrina Schwiegershausen expressed she loves coming back every year as the flying is great, but the best thing is the people.

Thanks for everyone as a club who contributed to make this event a success.

To the pilots for safety. No incidents or accidents. To the organser Tony Giammichele. Launch director Ken Hill (Senior Safety Officer). CHGC president Walt Nielsen for tireless work behind the scenes. Scorer Dave Gibbs, and assisted by J.J. Special thank you to Jon Durand Sr for the beautifully hand crafted Winners mugs presented to the top 10 places.

And to everyone whom has contributed, thank you.



Results Canungra Classic 2016

Photo Canungra Classic 2016

Award winners Canungra Classic 2016